wondershare filmora video editor review and tutorial (green screen)

wondershare filmora it would be powerful yet simple it, wondershare filmora video editor review and tutorial (green screen)

wondershare filmora tutorial

filmora you may or may not have heard of this video editing software before, but it is a prevalent video editing software that many YouTubers use

the filmora which is finally available for download on its official website for free yes you can download it for free, but when you try to export the videos it has a big film or a watermark

so you need to buy the full version to use it properly free lifetime updates

let’s talk about the technicalities of the software itself I have used the totally and understand every minor feature in it so this app is under five hundred megabyte in size the size may increase once you download extra feature path so installing it is very easy

filmora supports Windows, Mac, Android, ios

filmora Windows Mac android ios

it supports both Windows and Mac OS the program installs within five minutes once it’s done you can try to launch it with a dedicated GPU if you want

filmora modes

filmora modes

so I can take advantage of this for mode productivity and speed if you don’t have a dedicated GPU any need to worry it runs very well on less powerful hardware as well

let’s talk about the interface for a bit when you launch the app it gives an option to launch between two modes

one is an accessible mode and

the other one is a full feature mode

filmora full feature mode

full feature mode it will look something like this a straightforward interface with pre divided sections top left is a media hub where you will see all your files and folders including music text transitions elements effects filters and much more

you can add your files, or you can use the ones provided by filmora itself based on your needs

filmora in build player

on the top right section, there is a video clear which displays what you edit this player gives an option to record voiceovers and take a screenshot of whatever is playing in the player

filmora timeline

filmora timeline

the timeline consists of 10 tracks in total for video music filters and elements you can drag the file from the media hub to timeline and then start editing it, so the interface seems relatively easy to follow and easy to learn

filmora functionality

let’s talk about the functionality for a bit talking about the functionality of the app you do get all the essential features that you get with other video editors in the same class like cut copy fill plays filter etc. all the usual stuff you expect

filmora screen recorder

filmora screen recorder

the features that will surprise you the most are the features that are not seen in this category of video editors it has a screen recorder built into it

green screen

filmora green screen

filmora also can handle green screen or chroma key footage in your video projects you can use it to make the background transparent it works perfectly fine no issues whatsoever

filmora advanced colour editing

filmora advanced color editing

there is a split-screen option for multiple videos you can fine-tune your videos and adjust colour temperature manually for advanced tuning

you also get some fine-tuning for audio where you can adjust bass pitch speed and tempo

there are lots of high-quality presets that is released from time to time from filmora in the form of theme packs that you can download from the official website

filmora export the video

filmora export the video

you can export the video in various formats with adjustable s PS and maximum upload resolution up to 4k

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filmora video editor review

filmora video editor review

1. complex layering

the best stories have multiple layers to them that is something that wondershare understands which is why it is a robust layering feature with filmora you can have as many as 100 layers of audio and video in your timeline

this way you can add all the clips and video and sound effects you want fast

2. video rendering

video rendering if you ask any video editor or maker they will tell you that protracted video processing times are one of their problems that is because while the software is working it is not possible for them to do any video manipulation

filmora provides a solution to the problem its rendering capability is fast if you set it to automatic it can even be faster that is possible since it immediately renders any element you add to your timeline without hindering or affecting your editing process in any way

3. video aesthetics

this is especially helpful when you are working with numerous video and audio layers thus ensuring that you do not have to wait long for your video to complete rendering video aesthetics

the aesthetics of a video goes beyond its effects
things like fisheye and camera shake when not intentional can affect the quality of your video and how your audience would receive it to help you fix those and similar issues

find more has various tools one of those is video stabilization which allows you to smooth frames doing so is easy all you need to do is drag the slider until you hit the right figure

once that is done the software drops the video in your media library where you can use it for your timeline for further editing another aesthetic tool is for the removal of fisheye called lens correction

you only need to adjust the level of correction and the software does the rest thus you can produce videos with consistent effects

4. seamless online sharing

your videos online are easy with filmora the platform has ready to go connections with youtube and Vimeo

so you can upload your videos on those platforms without switching tabs, what’s more, you have options that allow you to tailor your video for your selected video sharing site before you complete uploading

filmora green screen

  1. let’s begin by dragging our main video under the video one track on the timeline

2. then drag your green screen video above it onto the video to track


3. now right-click your green screen video and select green screen you can also click this green screen bond once you have your green screen clip selected okay

but we can tweak things further in the chroma key settings okay first let’s click this eyedropper and select the green background to make sure we’re King out the exact colour

then play around with these four sliders until you get the look you want the tolerance is going to control

how much of your shade of green is keyed out changing the edge thickness can be nice if you have a little bit of green on the edges to clean off and the edge feather will fall soft in your advantages up a bit

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