What is IDP.Generic Avast AVG and How to Remove it on Windows (All Versions)

In this post, you will know What is IDP.Generic Avast, AVG and How to Remove it on Windows (All Versions). If you are getting this detection for a legitimate program or file, We have also included How to stop the False Positive IDP.Generic Virus detection.

What is IDP.Generic Avast and AVG?

The IDP stands for Identity Theft Protection. IDP.Generic Virus is not a Single Threat. It is a common threat name used to denote Identity Theft Malware, Avast and AVG Antivirus use it to detect Software that can cause identity theft. Such Software seems legit from the front, but they are rigged with the Trojan to provide backdoor access to the Hackers.

Then they might steal your personal and confidential information that will result in Identity Theft. Usually such Software is the Cracked one. The Premium Crack Software that you install for free could be the reason for your Identity Theft. If your Antivirus find such a program on your Computer, It will display the IDP.Generic Virus detection.

How Does the IDP.Generic Virus Work?

IDP.Generic Virus stay silent in your system. It records your activity and keep sending it to the hackers. The hackers could also access your Computer and use it to perform illicit activities. They can also steal your Banking Login Details and Credit Card Information and then Transfer all your Money. You cannot realize a thing because it is bundled with the Software you installed considering it a legitimate program.

How Did I Get the IDP.Generic Virus

The most common method of spreading the IDP.Generic Virus is by bundling it with pirated and free software. Though cyber criminals use several other tactics to infect your Computer with the virus, they can send you the virus using emails and social media. When you click on that link, the virus enters your Computer. They might trick you into downloading the malware using fake websites and pop-ups also.

How to Remove the IDP.Generic Virus on Windows (All Versions)

Follow the steps in Remove the IDP.Generic Virus on Windows completely.

1. Remove Pirated and Unwanted Software

Remove the IDP.Generic Virus from your Computer is to Remove Pirated and Unwanted Software because this virus enters your Computer with the help of this Software.

  1. Click on Start and type Control Panel to Open it.
  2. Next, Click on Uninstall a Program. You will see the list of all installed programs. The first thing you should do is click on installed on to sort it and then remove the recently installed program.

Another thing you can do to identify the Culprit Program is checking the detection of the Antivirus. Your Antivirus will show which program it is detecting so you can find and remove that program.

2. Delete Temporary Files

The identity theft viruses often hide in temporary files. From there they can restore themselves, so you have to clear your temporary files.

What is IDP.Generic Avast AVG and How to Remove it on Windows: Disk Cleanup Delete Temporary Files on Windows
  1. Click on the Start menu and type Disk Cleanup. Click on it to open. Click OK.
  2. Next, Deselect everything and select temporary internet files and temporary files. Click ok. then confirm your action by clicking on delete files.

3. Reset Your Browsers

You have to clean the infection from your browser’s the identity theft viruses could hijack the settings of your browser and keep tracking your activity. It could also be in the form of a browser add on or extension, so you should reset the browsers to their default setting to completely clean them.

Reset the Settings of Google Chrome

What is IDP.Generic Avast AVG and How to Remove it on Windows: Reset the Settings of Google Chrome
  1. Click on the menu button, Then Click on settings, Click on advanced.
  2. Next, Click on Restore settings to their original defaults. Click on Reset settings.

Reset the Settings of Mozilla Firefox

What is IDP.Generic Avast AVG and How to Remove it on Windows: Reset the Settings of Mozilla Firefox
  1. Click on the menu button. Then Click on Help. Then Click on Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Next, Click on Refresh Firefox. Now Click on Refresh Firefox again to confirm your action.

4. Scan with Antimalware

If you are getting the IDP.Generic Virus detection on the Avast and AVG you can rescan your PC with that to make sure the Virus has gone. To double sure that your PC is completely clean. You should scan it with Antimalware.

Is IDP.Generic False Positive?

If you have installed a legitimate program or file and your Antivirus detects it as an IDP.Generic Virus, it could be a False Positive detection.

What is IDP.Generic Avast AVG and How to Remove it on Windows: VirusTotal

Make sure your program or file is clean, you can scan it on the VirusTotal Upload your file and see the result. If none of the Antivirus engines detected, then it’s a False Positive detection, you can simply add it in the exception and then run the program or file.

You can also report it as a False Positive on Avast, they will analyze your program or file and clear it in the next update.

How to Avoid IDP.Generic Threats in the Future

  • Install the reputed Antimalware and regularly scan your device.
  • Do not download pirated, cracked or free software from the unofficial site. Always download the program from the official website.
  • You should not click on the links or open attachments from spam emails.
  • Keep all of your software in Windows up to date. Make sure your security software has the latest virus definitions.
  • Do not click on the pop-ups you see on shady websites. These websites may trick you into installing malicious extensions that will infect your Computer with IDP.Generic Viruses.

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