weebly vs wordpress 7 Differences and Comparisons Between These [PROS & CONS]

we are going to talk about weebly vs wordpress, and which platform you should use to start your blog.

Is Weebly or WordPress better?

I would say that WordPress are the kings of simplicity when it comes to web hosting. On the other hand, Weebly, a US based web hosts constantly makes WordPress run for their money.

weebly vs wordpress: 7 Differences and comparisons

using my own experience and expertise, I am excited to be giving you a quick Differences and comparisons between Weebly vs WordPress.

you are thinking of starting a blog and you are trying to decide between weebly vs wordpress Which one should I go with?

First, let us talk about what is WordPress.

38% websites WordPress world (weebly vs wordpress)

But by now even a new techie can tell you that WordPress is running about a third of the websites you see on the internet. Since they have started, they have grown to host approximately 38 million websites starting.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to build a website today some of the biggest websites in the world The New York Times, ESPN, Facebook are all built on WordPress.

So, WordPress powers most of the internet and it is a free open source software, meaning that it is free to use but you must pay for self-hosting.

The method that I recommend is to create a self-hosted WordPress site through the hosting provider Bluehost.

But why might you consider starting a blog with Weebly?

Well, let us talk about some of the differences between weebly vs wordpress so you can kind of weigh and compare.

1. designing

designing your website or blog with WordPress is a little bit more challenging than using something like weebly.

weebly is comparable to Wix. It is drags and drop. You can drag things wherever you want on the screen.

WordPress is not that simple. There are hundreds of thousands of themes that you can use. But you usually must abide by the theme preset.

So, wherever things appear on the theme, that is where your text or images are going to appear.

You are going to need a little bit of coding knowledge if you want to really customize WordPress, but for most of us, there is a lot of themes out there that look nice and we can just play within the bounds of the theme.

weebly, like I said, very customizable, they probably win in the design aspect. If you want to go for a beautiful, easy to create yourself Blog Weebly would probably be the winner.

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2. hosting

WordPress by far is a much smarter option than weebly.

weebly is hosted on their own platform meaning Weebly servers host your blog, you must abide by their rules.

If they do not like it, they can shut down your website or blog at any time. If you want to transfer your website later. It is very difficult and technical to do. So, I think they do that on purpose.

But it is not as personal and beneficial to host your blog with someone like that. That pretty much controls your blog.

When you host your self-hosted blog with someone like Bluehost you own 100% of your blog. No one can shut you down except maybe the government but no one can you know, take away your content, steal your content, you control everything with your blog or website.

So, WordPress wins in the hosting factor.

3. features

Weebly and some of the features will be has are an integrated blog system, ecommerce, iOS and Android apps, and a wheelie design blog called promote.

Weebly also has a membership system. It is multilingual offers the ability to put donations on your site. And it comes with a basic integrated audio player.

All right, so as far as features go, WordPress has an integrated blogging system. And it is the best integrated blogging system because well of WordPress has origins.

WordPress it also has ecommerce, iOS, and Android apps a membership system. And its open source, which means that it has a huge library of open source stuff and a huge community of open source developers.

As far as like features go, what you can do with your blog or website.

weebly does have plugins and features you can use to you know, customize things, build an email list, that sort of stuff.

But WordPress has literally thousands upon thousands of plugins to use. You can literally do whatever you want with a WordPress website.

If you can think of it, there is a plugin for it. There is a plugin to build membership sites, there is a plugin to sell things. There is a plugin for SEO, there is all sorts of plugins for WordPress and a lot of them are free.

There are some paid plugins you can use that are very, very powerful that can really take your blogger website to the next level.

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4. pricing

Aside from the cost of hosting and possibly storage the price for using a website or setting up a website with WordPress is well free.

If you choose to go with wordpress.com, which is a simpler and user-friendly website builder, then you will have a free plan option unlimited bandwidth, no ads except for the free plan from three gigabytes to unlimited storage. And the premium plans will range from $2.99 to $24.92 a month.

5. selling things

as far as selling things I know that Weebly does promote themselves heavily with square as far as selling products through their website.

But with Weebly, you are going to end up paying a transaction fee. And on top of that, you are going to have to pay the premium the payment processor fee.

So, if you are using square stripe or whatever, you are going to have to pay their fee and Weebly is fee.

If you do decide to use WordPress to sell a product online, you are just going to pay the payment provider fee. There is no WordPress fee.

So, if you stripe or PayPal or whatever, you will just be paying that provider fee. So, it is a lot it is it is cheaper to sell things through a WordPress site than through a Weebly site.

6. transfer

And like I said, if you want to transfer your site if you want to transfer it to a different hosting provider if you want to move it around, it is so much easier if you have a WordPress website.

building your site on Wix on Weebly on Squarespace on these platforms, it is very difficult to move later.

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7. themes

When making websites, you always must decide on its layout, even when it is just a beautiful idea in your head.

weebly themes (weebly vs wordpress)

This is one part that really sets Weebly apart from the rest. They offer a total of 40 themes and they are all mobile responsive.

wordpress themes (weebly vs wordpress)

Weebly also allows users to change their themes it will. On the other side WordPress has capability is to offer more than 250 customizable themes, automatically putting them on top.

weebly vs wordpress: PROS & CONS

weebly vs wordpress – generally be doing a quick yet thorough head to head comparison and the many pros these two have to offer. I’ll also discuss wherever applicable some crucial cons that you need to know.

1. it also has In my opinion, the easiest to use interface out of all the website builders out there.

2. What makes the interface so easy is that it uses a drag and drop system that is very responsive and even has things such as the windows moving right off the way as you’re editing.

3. There’s a lot of customization options, such as adjusting longitude and latitude on your maps, adjusting colors, images and adding whatever type of media you really want.

4. It also has an app store unlike many popular builders out there.
1. there are a lot of custom coding options. So you really, really, really won’t be restricted is especially if you’re a little bit more skilled and website development.

2. It’s also very easy to update your content and you won’t really struggle when it comes to that part.

3. There’s also SEO integration. And like I said, it has the number one built in blogging system and the best development community of all the website builders out there.
1. Unfortunately, there’s no start from scratch system.

2. And there’s really not a lot of options for custom coding.

3. As far as prices go, there is a free plan that offers 500 megabytes of storage and you get unlimited bandwidth.

4. And no matter which plan you choose the premium plans start from eight to $59 a month and you get a free domain with an annual purchase.

5. There’s unlimited storage for all premium plans and there’s no ads except for the free plan.

6. You also get e commerce and 24 seven technical support.
1. out of date & broken add-ons/extensions.

2. out of date methods.

3. must update software individually.

Weebly Vs WordPress: Conclusion

So, if you do realize, hey, this cannot do what I want it to do. I am going to move to WordPress. It is a big hassle to do that. And it is very technical.

So, it is something that I do not recommend, which is why I highly recommend everyone just start off with WordPress.

WordPress It is usually cheaper, a lot more customization options. It is safer, you get better SEO It is just a better platform for anyone who is looking to start a blog.

weebly vs wordpress – These two web hosts are indeed neck and neck competitors with almost equal power and relative simplicity that makes them suitable and making complex websites without any actual coding.