10 Ways video game tester jobs and get paid to play games

i’m going to show you how to video game tester jobs and get paid to play games in ten different ways websites you can go to where to look and stuff like that so obviously you can look at you know job pages like indeed like Glassdoor monster and look for jobs like this and I didn’t mention those.

so these are actual video game tester jobs and get paid to play games websites that have like beta testing programs and stuff like that for you precisely without just being like another job website so another, so one way you can go to for doing this is

Video Game Tester Jobs websites


Nintendo has a game tester section where you can get paid to enjoy their games try out new games and be part of their beta testing program so you know they have all kinds of stuff like Mario games like Super Mario you have Pokemon games you have Zelda you have all these different top-rated games that you can play and get paid actually to test them.

so you can go to Nintendo I will have a link to all of these pages for you, so you don’t have to memorize where to go right now I’ll have all that the show notes for you but this stuff is mostly in the state of Washington in the United States so just keep that in mind that a lot of them might be located in that area but you


get paid to test video games another place that is very well known for their games is rockstars so you may know them for grand theft auto they had Red Dead Redemption they had all kinds of different games out there that you can dry out and they are a top-rated well-known company

you need to be at least 18 years or older to do it they will have a video interview for this, and they have two main opening cities as far as where you can test games they have the Lincoln United Kingdom and then they have San Diego California so keep that in mind like this is the one for Lincoln United Kingdom

you can see your responsibilities qualifications all that stuff you can apply to be a game tester there, and then you can also go to the one for San Diego, and it will show you what they have as far as that goes

if they have some available so I’ll have links to both of those pages you might want to check regularly to see if they have some available or not for that like right now they have a fixed-term game tester for Lincoln right now available

so you know degree level educated previous industry experience stuff like that is desirable skills the ability to work under deadlines achieve targets ability to multitask you need to be 18 I already mentioned that you test various video games those types of things which is what you’ll be doing another thing is


Blizzard another place you can go to their job openings at Blizzard, and they have all kinds of video games that you can play they are known for a World of Warcraft Diablo and Starcraft they hired game testers all the time most of the times temporary.

this type of stuff is more of a side gig so I wouldn’t try to rely on being a game tester full-time, but you can do this stuff and get paid through Blizzard by going to their careers page and viewing their job opening

so you can look for a game tester of some kind and see what they have here, and they will have that on there but you want to definitely pounce on that if it’s available because obviously everybody wants to test video games and get paid to do that type stuff so I’ll have a link to their jobs page you’ll have just to keep checking it to see what they have available

VMC’s global testing network

another one is VMC’s global testing network you can go to VMC and see about their beta test network you need to be 18 years or older signed a nondisclosure agreement be able to focus and follow instruction and behave professionally while playing different video games and testing them out they pay you via PayPal at the end of their projects, and then you get to beta test video games and stuff like that

so they use like daybreak Sega Bethesda Ubisoft a lot of these are significant brands so if you want to you know primarily you’ve probably heard of Sega and Bethesda and Ubisoft especially so you can get paid to try out these multiplayer console and PC games before they’re even released at VMC


panel polls/igamelab

another one is gameplay you can go to panel polls/i game lab and check this out they have online games and mobile games and apps virtual world stuff like that that you get to try out in it specifically for pretty much beta testing all types of games

so they have kid games they have you know you can only participate with a parent with those they have team games where you’re 13 to 17 years old, and you get paid 10 to 15 dollars every month for participation they have a lot of testers who give their opinions on these games they find you know problems with the game that can be worked out and stuff like that

beta family

another one is beta family so beta family now we’re getting more into like apps so you can test all kinds of apps and a lot of these are going to be games not all of them but if you want to find mobile games that you can get paid too test beta family is one of them you can see on their test page which ones they have available for testing right now like they also have productivity apps food apps and stuff as well

but for instance they have carob Journey is a game you have to see Zeus puzzles is a game, and they have others as well they have another puzzle game here so some of these might be educational games you know here’s another game collectible card game right here called the dreamland chronicles you get to you get paid to test those you go to the test page, and that is on beta family so you can sign up at the top or sign up at the bottom here as a tester and just sign up with Google or Facebook or whatever and try it out

beta bound

another one where you get to test all kinds of apps including mobile games is beta bound and go to beta balance command create an account with your email and password, and if you want to learn more they have a page that has their most frequently asked questions and pretty much they want you to be 18 years old and someone who is responsive query puts their best foot forward

but other than that I mean they don’t have a whole lot of requirements as far as being a tester so you can test games you can test all kinds of different apps and stuff like that but video games are one of the main things you’ll be doing and beta bound is a great place to do that so beta bound comm sign up and you can start getting paid to test games if you are 18 years or older


Erlibird is another one and go to Erlibird and get paid you join as a beta tester by going to the top right corner here clicking that button there and then putting in your email address complete tasks blah blah blah you get paid for different tests

they have all kinds of stuff on here it’s not just games they have apps websites hardware all that type of stuff, so some of it might be game some of it not that’s why I put them towards the end of the list for you, but you can get paid like ten dollars per test

you need to speak English fluently be 18 years old, and you know for the most part 18 years old speaking English fluently that’s going to apply to pretty much all of these, but you get paid to test all kinds of tech apps and stuff like that

Android Central

Android Central that is a place where you can go to that’s a place where you can go to check out the forum and they have all kinds of Android apps that you can test so they’re looking for app testers here beta testing here you have video game app with real money rewards here.

so go through and see what they have on here but it’s at the Android Central forums and developers go on here and offer all kinds of you know opportunities for you to test games test different apps and get paid or rewarded in some way to do it

so Android central you can see all the different ones on here that have to do just with free games beta testing and stuff like that before it even comes out and they’ll let you know about compensation and things like that

tech advisor

another one is tech advisor so tech advisor is one you can go to it’s a tech advisor co uk it’s a forum as well they have a forum section and they have a beta testing section under their panel so they have you know security stuff they have games they have productivity type things you know they have all kinds of stuff that you can test

you’ll just have to go through and see you know if you want to play a game, for instance, you’ll have to go through and see if you can find a match on here, but they’re continually having people beta test all kinds of tech on here, so tech advisor co uk go to their for which is right here and then go to beta testing so it’s right here in the menu right where I’m at here okay right here no problem