Viddyoze Review: Is It Worth It

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  • It is Easy to Use.
  • Really It is just Drag and Drop.
  • There are Available Lots of Templates.


  • It’s not very Customizable.
  • Renders and It’s really Frustrating.

In this post, We’re going to be Viddyoze Review. And in this Viddyoze Review, We will explain, you exactly what is Viddyoze. Viddyoze has a lot of customers And some of those customers include some of the biggest brands in the world, Sony, Vodafone, Tesla and so many more.

Viddyoze software moves your mind how easy it is to create such professional looking videos, especially for things like logo intros, intros to videos, if you’re wanting to add your own social media handles that you add on top of videos as well. All of those types of things, videos makes this a dream.

If you’re a brand new user, to the Viddyoze platform, you’re going to be joining the most revolutionary video animation software that is on the planet. See Viddyoze Review in this post.

What is Viddyoze?

Well, Viddyoze is a 3d animation and video creation software. Basically, what they have done is they have created all of these professional looking templates for people to use. And all you actually have to do is drop in a logo or an image, and it’s going to come out with a professional looking video.

Viddyoze is actually very perfect for people that are either starting a startup company, if you’re a one man band and your own online business, or maybe you’re just trying to create some quick and easy visual animations that you can actually use for marketing efforts, then videos makes this an extremely easy task.


The Viddyoze Current Pricing is $77 for Personal, $97 for Commercial. Now there is quite a big difference between Individual and Commercial. Honestly, We think the Commercial is probably the best deal.

The main things being you get more templates on the Commercial as well as you have unlimited renders per month being on the Individual, you can only get 30. So it’s a bit of a no brainer. You also do get two bonuses if you decide to take the Commercial. And you’ll also have Commercial rights just to keep that in mind.

Note: Keep in mind that the Prices of Viddyoze varies from time to time.

Easy to Use

Viddyoze Review: Easy to Use

Basically Viddyoze, it’s absolutely quick and easy to create professional looking videos. It is such a powerful tool. And the best part about it is if you are looking for a marketing option, and you don’t have a huge budget for actual video production team, you can quickly and easily grab the software and create your own high quality looking content.

Viddyoze is perfect for people that are either just starting a brand new company running on a bootstrap budget, or you just can’t be bothered actually getting a video team and you just want something quick and easy to get a professional looking brand, Then Viddyoze is quite the tool for you.


Viddyoze Review: Features

Features of Viddyoze and You’re going to notice there’s a whole of new features available to you. Depending on the license that you have.

  • Image Editing: You can now crop your images and manipulate them inside of the Viddyoze. So they work a lot more effectively with the templates.
  • Background Removal Tool: Now for a lot of users when they were uploading logos, they would have problems with the image because there was a background there. Now, with a simple click of your mouse, you can actually remove the background and start using that with your Viddyoze template.
  • Image Integration: You can now get images from places like Pexels and Unsplash, and a whole host of other websites right inside of your Viddyoze account. So when you’re looking for that perfect image for your slideshow, promo, or whatever else you’re creating inside the videos, you can now do that all within the Viddyoze without having to leave the browser.
  • Additional Audio Tracks: For the first time ever, Viddyoze adding Additional Audio Tracks to template creation. That means that when you go in and creating your template, you’ve now got an other option that you can choose for your audio. This is going to make your video a lot more unique than it used to be before because now there’s a lot more options. As time progresses, Viddyoze going to be adding even more additional tracks to every single template that’s in the library.
  • Templates: When you join Viddyoze, you’re going to get access to over 260+ customizable video templates. Viddyoze got a massive library of templates. If you are a part of the template Club, which is Viddyoze exclusive membership as part of the videos platform, you get access to more than 1500 templates. These templates include logos, things, lower thirds, outros offer animations, everything you can think of for any kind of industry.
  • Unlimited Renders: Viddyoze animation engine and the way that the app actually functions. Everything has been improved or the user experience is completely brand new. And the whole app has had a complete facelift to make it a much more improved experience for you, the people that create and stuff inside the platform.
  • Font Override: You’re going to be able to actually select different font types for certain selected templates. And just like the aspect ratio situation, these features are going to be rolled out to every single template that we can do on the platform. But for now, you’re going to notice that feature in select templates, you’re going to be able to actually select multiple different types of fonts.

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