3 Exercises to increase your vertical jump

this is three exercises to increase your vertical jump let’s get after before we get started here’s one thing you want to remember form each rep with power speed

3 Exercises vertical jump

because the power of speed comes explosiveness and the more explosive you are, the higher your vertical jump will be now let’s get going

VERT SHOCK – 3 Step Jump Training Program

1.depth jump

so our first exercise is a def jump this is a reaction movement that will help any athlete whether it’s going up and grabbing a rebound spiking a volleyball or grabbing a pass or interception

this will prepare you for those in-game moments

the first thing you’re going to get on the top of the elevated platform about a foot tall and you’re going to drop down

as soon as you hit the floor, you’re going to explode right up jumping maximum height

now a different variation you can do with the DEF jump is jumping right on top of a plyometric box

2.kneeling jump

this next exercise is one of my favourites for explosiveness it’s called a kneeling jump it forces you to drive through your hips onto your feet

that’s a straightforward force on your knees drive through your hips and explode onto your feet landing in an athletic name

so what you want to do is drop down near your heels and swing upwards through your hips upper body and arms

here is not nothing dude don’t help yourself up, and fans rate up at your pop pop right up is when a lot of things here are a couple of different variations kneeling jumps into a vertical jump kneeling jumps into a broad jump and a kneeling jump into a lateral bound now

3.maximum height jump

this next exercise is maximum height jump now this could be backboard touches rib touches or don’t whatever it is that challenges you we’re going to be feeling that part and giving it all now you can either do a vertical jump

once that jump for a three-step rise take your time with this exercise

don’t rush in between reps you want to be able to jump your highs every single breath

alright that wraps up three exercises to increase your vertical

now you can do these exercises three times a week giving yourself one rest day in between each workday if you guys want to increase your vertical

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