11 Most Useful Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing is still super relevant. Here are about some Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategy and Techniques for Twitter Marketing for your business or your Marketing agency.

Twitter still has million monthly users and million tweets are being sent out per day. 54% of the people prefer brands that are on Twitter. Most small and medium sized businesses that are in a local area aren’t really going to utilize Twitter too much.

The older people that are using Twitter, they’re only using it for business. And it’s because they have a public authority they are known throughout the masses. The reason why Twitter is actually still pretty prominent is because it’s a place for news.

1. Set Up Your Profile Effectively

You want to do is Setting up Your Profile Effectively on Twitter, you know, lot of people making mistakes on their Profile. Here you can find out to Set Up Your Profile on Twitter.

  • Handle: Choose a profile name now this is called your Twitter Handle. It’s the name that you’re going to be known on as Twitter. Think of it like your email address, but it’s the @ symbol, and then your username. It should be your name if possible, or a nickname, or something that your organization is known by.
  • Profile Photo: The best practices for a photo on Twitter is to make sure it’s high quality, friendly, and make sure that you’re smiling.
  • Bio: You want people to be able to make a connection with who you are quickly. You have 160 characters to do this. Make sure you let people know what you’re passionate about.
  • URL: You can add a website this can be your Facebook page, it can be a LinkedIn page, some way that people can learn more about you.
  • Location: You add your location.

2. Schedule Your Tweets

Post 3 to 5 times daily or tweet 3 to 5 times daily and this could be how to information, it could be value, insights, lessons, mistakes, quotes or concepts that resonate with you. Really, you just want to be posting consistently every day. It doesn’t always need to be like the the number one piece of content that you’re going to put out.

When you do this consistently, people are going to not only see you a lot more, but you’re going to have at least let’s say you posted 100 tweets, at least one of those is going to get traction more than the others.

Twitter Marketing Strategy: Twitter HubSpot Integration

You can use a tool like HubSpot to save a lot of time and it helps you to schedule out your tweets and that’s really going to save you a ton of time with scheduling out your tweets and helping you stay consistent.

3. Quality and Value of Information

The quality of information and value that people share on Twitter is also very, it’s top notch, it’s really high quality. And this does go back to who you follow and who you choose to follow on Twitter.

Elon Musk Twitter Profile

For instance, There’s some of the biggest entrepreneurs and billionaires in the world like Elon Musk, they’re very active on Twitter. And they’re sharing information. And they’re sharing value and insights and different things and lessons about their business.

The quality of information and the value and the people you’re going to find on Twitter is top notch and with the brightest minds in the world, this is their platform of choice Twitter.

4. No Limit to Followers

Twitter has no limit to the amount of followers you can have. Platforms like Facebook you can only have 5,000 friends. Instagram, there’s no limit. YouTube, there’s no limit. But LinkedIn, you also have a limit we think it’s like 30,000 connections, which you know, is kind of high, but there’s still a limit.

Twitter you got you can have an unlimited amount of followers. Just imagine putting a tweet out. And unlike Facebook pages where you’re posting and only 1% of people see your posts with Twitter, the reach is still crazy high even for a mature platform.

5. Engage with Your People Every Day

Engage with people every day 3 to 5 times per day in Twitter. Engage with your Tweets.

Here are Some Engagements on Twitter:

  • Liking.
  • Comment.
  • Retweet.
  • Just engaging with other people.
  • Showing an interest in other people.

Make a list a Twitter list, a categorized list of people who have anywhere from, let’s say, two to 300, followers, to 2000. followers, make a list of these people make a list of 30 to 50 of these people, and every day, look in that list and like comment and retweet people that you resonate with.

If you’re commenting on people’s threads, make sure you’re saying something more than just good tweet or good thought. add something to the conversation, add some value, add your own input, don’t disagree with them.

6. Run Polls on Twitter

You can do is to run polls, because Twitter is quite sneaky. It is not showing people the poll results unless they have interacted with a poll and generally people are somehow tempted to click on if you’re asking them a question to click on yes or no. This is another great way to increase the engagement rate of your tweet.

Twitter Poll by @IntoTheGloss

@IntoTheGloss has Created a Twitter poll to find out about skin care for audience and customers.

7. Interact Below Your Tweets

Reply to the replies under your tweets. You are not only building a connection with your audience, which is going to be very, very important in the future. It is not only going to be helpful for you to get to know your audience. If you are replying to every other to every reply below your tweets, then you’re going to double the engagement.

Very often people are again, going to reply to your reply. You can even triple the engagement of your tweet by just building a connection. Describe how you’re adding value to other people. And maybe some people will find you and click on the link and follow you on Twitter.

8. Use Twitter Hashtags

Increase your engagement is to use hashtags this might not immediately seem intuitive but hashtags help Twitter to categorize your content. Twitter knows that this content is likely going to be interesting for other people who use similar hashtags.

Hashtags is also increasing your chances of getting more engagement. Using hashtags to show Twitter, what your tweet is about, is going to help increase your engagement a lot. You can check more information on Twitter Trends FAQ page.

9. Share New Skills and Ideas Your Twitter Marketing

At least one to two hours every day, you should be learning new things and new skills and new ideas and insights And learning new things is how you are going to be to create new content, create new products, throw new ideas out there, come up with new ideas, you need to be learning every day.

Just make it a habit to pick up new skills, it doesn’t always need to be in business, it can be in other things, just learning from different industries and different smart people. And using that to increase the amount of knowledge that you have and the amount of ideas and insights that you have that you can share with your market on Twitter.

10. Outreach Twitter Trends

Outreach now that you found accounts where your target audience is engaging, engage with them there. It makes people in your target audience aware of your brand and account. Plus you’re engaging directly with people who have a history of engaging on Twitter.

The Outreach Method Includes Leveraging Twitter Trends:

  1. Go to the Explore page.
  2. Click on Trending and from there you You can see all the trending hashtags, keywords and topics.

You want to see if there are any trending topics that are relevant to what you offer and your industry. This allows you to take advantage of any keywords or hashtags that are already getting a lot of attention.

Outreach overall is awesome for organic direct engagement with your potential customers, and is a great way to garner targeted brand awareness and engagement for your business on Twitter.

11. Giveaways to Your Followers

Giveaways is the Twitter Marketing Strategy that you can use. You offer something of value for free to Twitter users in exchange for something from them in return.

3 Tips for Giveaways to Your Followers:

  1. Make the prize something that’s relevant to your business.
  2. Requirements to enter the giveaway should be to follow your account, favorite your original tweet about the giveaway, and create their own tweet using your giveaway hashtag and tagging you.
  3. When the giveaway is over, and the winner has been chosen, let people know.

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