How to VoiceOver and Text to Speech on Mac

In this post, We are going to explain you How to VoiceOver and Text to Speech on Mac, Voice Control on Mac, Dictation on Mac. So this will hopefully be a fairly straightforward.

VoiceOver on Mac

How to VoiceOver and Text to Speech on Mac: VoiceOver on Mac

Go to the Apple Menu > “System Preferences” > “Accessibility” > “VoiceOver” on left side, Check mark where it says enable VoiceOver. Showing a popup, Welcome to VoiceOver: VoiceOver speaks descriptions of items on the screen and can be used to control the computer using only your keyboard. Click on Use “VoiceOver” button. You can see VoiceOver User Guide for more information.

How to Setup and Use Text to Speech on Mac

How to Setup and Use Text to Speech on Mac
  1. First Go to the Apple Menu and go to “System Preferences”, Then you go to Accessibility. In “Accessibility”, you can see there are many things you can do here, like enabling Siri, Keyboard Settings, Dictation.
  1. Go to “Speech.” In Speech, you can see the system voice, that’s the voice you be listening to that if the system is trying to read out something to you, then the speaking rate, that’s how fast it’s going to read it out. And some other settings, what you want to do is to check this that “Speaks selected text when the key is pressed.” You can actually change the key by selecting change key, and you can press any key combination you want.
  1. Then finally you can change “System Voice” if you don’t like this System Voice.
  1. You have enabled the Text to Speech Mac. you can select the text. If you right click, you can see the option for speech and you select start speaking and you can also stop it by using the second option here which is stop speaking or you use option escape. Depending on what you chose during setup.

Voice Control on Mac

How to Text to Speech on Mac: Voice Control on Mac
  1. Go to the Apple Menu > “System Preferences” > “Accessibility” > “Voice Control”
  2. Voice Control allows you to edit text to interact with your computer by speaking to it, go ahead and just checkmark versus enable Voice Control, Click to enter in your computer password at this point then Click Unlock.
  3. If you want to Click on Commands, You can go ahead and select that in here. And that will basically give you the different Command functions that will tell. So you can go through this list, you can add a Command if you want by select the little plus button here.

Dictation on Mac

How to Text to Speech on Mac: Dictation on Mac
  1. Go to the Apple Menu > “System Preferences” > “Keyboard”. Click on Dictation in the menu at the top of the Window.
  2. Next to Dictation select on. You can also turn on enhanced Dictation, which allows you to use commands such as bold, italic, underline, copy, delete, and you can Dictate offline as well. Select your language and create your desired shortcut.
  3. Once you’ve enabled Dictation, How to use it. First, open a Document. This works with Word and Pages. Place your cursor where you want to start your Dictation. Use the shortcut you created. You can also select Edit and then start Dictation. You should see a Microphone icon appear on the screen after you start the Dictation as you speak, remember to say your punctuations out loud. Otherwise, you end up with a long run on sentence.

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