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Super Affiliate System Review and in this review we are going to show you the inside look of the Super Affiliate System Pro by John Crestani. Now many of you have probably seen this guy, you may have seen his ads on YouTube, people promoting this product in the past.

We are going to show you the all the modules and what’s in those modules. And then we will tell you about what other stuff John Crestani is giving to you people when you are going to purchase this Super Affiliate System. Like this Super Affiliate System Pro comes with a money back guarantee. And we will tell you that how we can get your money back, if it doesn’t work for you.

The Super Affiliate System course contains 42 informational videos, and 34 show how videos, but this is just not that you also get a lot of different resources that John Crestani created for you already that you can use to promote, especially his own course, which sells through ClickBank.

What is Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System course is all about getting traffic, fast and targeted traffic through paid ads. It goes over a variety of paid ad networks to use. It goes in depth on showing you how to set all this up step by step.

Price of Super Affiliate System Pro

Super Affiliate System Review: Price

If you’re interested in the Super Affiliate System, It Cost $997 or you can do three separate payments for that. The price range of it, you may have to spend out quite a bit of money to get your first sale. But you’re going to find out that if you do it right, you can get back a whole lot more money than what you put into it.

Below this will be a link that will take you to the sales page, which goes here. And if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a bunch of these green buttons just click one of them. And when you click it, it’s going to take you to page where you can purchase it for Super Affiliate System Pro $997 or $397.

Modules of Super Affiliate System Pro

Super Affiliate System Pro Review: Modules

You get in this Super Affiliate System course. First of all, there’s a total of 14 Modules. And as you complete them, you can see it marks them off over here, there’s a quiz with each one you can go through just to make sure you understand everything. then is welcome Module.

  • Module 1: Affiliate Networks and Finding Your NicheJohn Crestani is explaining how affiliate marketing works about finding your niche. Then underneath of that. This Module one there are some downloads here which you can download, there’s a choose your niche worksheet, you can download, and then under that there’s an assignment submission, upload your worksheet. Then under that there’s other videos inside of this module. Show you how to join an affiliate network. And then under that there’s a couple links here he asked for resources or where you can go directly to these places. Inside Module 1, Show Me How to find Affiliate Offers: ClickBank. Show Me How to find Offers on Other Affiliate Networks.
  • Module 2: The Necessity of a Sales Funnel and Setting Up the Pre-sell page – Very important if you’re going to do this type of marketing using paid ads.
  • Module 3: Using Solo Ads to Drive Traffic – Solo Ads, if that’s something you’ve always been wanting to try or Drive into, but was afraid to a lot of people says it’s too risky. Just know there is risk in it, yes, but he kind of takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do, where to go to look for them how to find the right type of solo ad people to find a buy solo ads from.
  • Module 4: Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic
  • Module 5: Using YouTube to Drive TrafficJohn Crestani talks, some downloads, and then show You how to set up a YouTube channel and show You how to create a YouTube video ad. That’s very good. This video is really good. It goes step by step into your YouTube account and walks you through, it’s almost 20 minutes long, and shows you how to set up your own YouTube ad.
  • Module 6: Using Social Media Ads to Drive Traffic
  • Module 7: Skill #1: Research for Effective Ads and Sales Pages
  • Module 8: Skill #2: Great Copywriting – the Key to Creating Great Ads and Effective Pre-sell Pages
  • Module 9: Skill #3: Data Analysis – using Analytics and Split Testing to Make Sure You Do What Works
  • Module 10: Planning Your Strategy to Make the Super-Affiliate System Work for You
  • Module 11: Accelerating Your Outcomes
  • Module 12: Troubleshooting Lack of Results
  • Module 13: Scaling Your Business and Accelerating Your Capital
  • Module 14: Wrap up and Next Steps

6 Weeks Training Course of Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System Review: 6 Weeks Training Course

Once you have Super Affiliate System logged in into the members area, And on the left side here, it is your affiliate link for this program. You can earn Commission’s by promoting this program to this link. And to enroll into a trainings, you have to click here. Okay, so these are the all the trainings and modules. And now We will explain it to you.

Welcome Module

The first module is a welcome module in which John Crestani tells all about what’s in the course, and all this stuff, all the resources is going to give you and about a support system and all that stuff.

One more thing about it that is locked, it means that you can’t skip any video and you can’t move through the further trainings. And without watching these videos. And We think it’s just because for the purpose that you people can understand what’s in the course and all that stuff. And then the actual 6 weeks training starts after that.

Week 1: The System Setup

Super Affiliate System Review: Week 1, The System Setup

The first week, you will learn about a step by step about affiliate marketing, how to start and how to do all that stuff. And then there are some other videos We are not going to tell you all of them but We are going to tell you some main videos and training from each module.

So in the first week, John Crestani teaches you a step by step about affiliate marketing. And after that he moves on towards the How to Pick your niche, and then how to pick your product on ClickBank and on other networks.

After these, a couple of twinning see dive into the solo ads, and they are like 5 to 6 videos on solo ads. After that they are videos on and tracking and all that stuff. These are the things you’re going to learn in week one.

Week 2: Google Ads Setup

Super Affiliate System Review: Week 2, Google Ads Setup

The second week, you will learn about the Google Ads Setup, funnels, website, landing pages, presale pages, and all the relating stuff.

Week 3: YouTube Ads Setup

Super Affiliate System Review: Week 3, YouTube Ads Setup

The module is on video advertisement and like YouTube and other video platforms.

Week 4: Advanced Ad Tactics

Super Affiliate System Review: Week 4, Advanced Ad Tactics

Social Media Advertisement like Facebook And the one thing We really like about this module is that this includes the one training with Robby Blanchard, The one of the biggest affiliate of ClickBank, He has shared some special tactics with you, or go to the Facebook advertisement.

Week 5: Presell Pages & Scaling

Super Affiliate System Review: Week 5, Presell Pages & Scaling

The module is auto scaling up your business and make it your full time income.

Week 6: Product Selection

Super Affiliate System Review: Week 6, Product Selection

Product Selection which is week six is all about you deciding what niche you want to go in or you can stick in the niche right selling products of like being successful making money online type of stuff or you can go in the health niche and so those type of products or are you gonna go in the happiness slash love niche you can go those are the three major niches he’s gonna explain a pretty formulaic way of deciding what sub or sub niche you’re going to get into.

These are the all things and all the modules and all the stuff We really like Super Affiliate System course. And We want to tell you some fewer things. One thing We really like is that these things are no just applied on affiliate marketing, you can sell anything after watching this course online.

You will Get to Resources

We want to tell you that once you will purchase Super Affiliate System course, you will get access to the resources and John Crestani has given to you like landing pages and some related stuff. And there are a few things like a the sport, you can reach out to the sport team for any a Query or all that stuff.

You’ll also get access to a forum, which means that you can post your questions and also help other peoples if you know something. One thing We really like is that you will also get a chance to get a one on one call with John Crestani. Yeah, that’s true. And We really like that.

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase Super Affiliate System course and you applied all the things, but it doesn’t work for you what will happen then, like if you have purchased the course you have applied all that stuff. When you will ask for the refund and they are not going to give you a refund straightaway.

When you will ask for refund. The team of John Crestani will work with you and they will try to help you to make your sales. And if does, it doesn’t work, And if it doesn’t work, they are going to give you all your money back. And We really like this thing.


This was our honest Review of John Crestani Super Affiliate System. We recommend this course to everyone who wants to do affiliate marketing and grow to full time business.

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