18 Social Media Marketing Tools

We are going to share with you Best Social Media Marketing Tools (Free and Paid) that you can use to manage your Social Media Marketing efficiently and Brands that will help you get a big result.

If you’re running a Business, Social Media can easily become an afterthought because it’s time consuming. And you don’t always have time to sit down and write what you’re going to Tweet or what you’re going to put on Facebook or LinkedIn. However, We have these are Social Media Marketing Tools for you.

These are Best Social Media Marketing Tools that you can use to really improve your Social Media Marketing efforts.

1. Buffer

Social Media Marketing Tools: Buffer

Initially a scheduling tool for Instagram Buffer now has two main products Buffer Publish and Buffer Analyze. It can host all the major social media platforms, which is just what businesses with accounts on multiple platforms need all your content scheduled and posted from one dashboard.

Buffer tool saves you precious time that you would have normally used to go through each platform separately. Buffer has some pretty cool features to like analytics to track the performance of your content, scheduling features for posting and being able to reply from within Buffer through their social inbox courtesy of reply

Buffer has team features so that you can add team members when it comes to posting. It simplifies the content planning and you can tailor your posts for each social media network. You can also post content while browsing through their browser extension and upload custom videos or photos.

Buffer Features

  • Create a Posting Schedule.
  • Share Content to Multiple Channels.
  • View analytics.
  • Re-Share Top Performing Content.
  • Import Content with Chrome Extension.

2. MeetEdgar

Social Media Marketing Tools: MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is really good at managing automated content. Basically, it is a scheduling tool for recycling old posts. It is primarily for small teams and agencies, But also has plans for other sizes of businesses. It can reshare your content by schedule and monitor your social media traffic for you.

MeetEdgar has a scheduling tool that you can use to mix different content by category. Content scheduled for posting is auto refilled so that there’s always something to post the tool will automatically recycle older content and scheduled posts in each category. You can also add content to their browser extension to save time and organize all your edits and updates into one library.

Apart from publishing features, You can track clicks with MeetEdgar is built in tracking system and more information is always a good thing in marketing. However, it doesn’t support some popular sites like Instagram and you cannot track or interact with your posts directly from the dashboard.

3. Agorapulse

Social Media Marketing Tools: Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a fairly popular among businesses and marketers. Agorapulse is also a fully integrated tool that you can use for multiple platforms to manage your accounts in an efficient way and build a good relationship with your followers. It has outstanding customer service too.

Agorapulse has a calendar, scheduling, analytics and team features. You can personalize your content for each of your social media platforms, and schedule your posts as well as repeat scheduled posts. Agorapulse also has a social inbox for you to monitor and respond to all your conversations across all your platforms in one place.

Besides publishing Agorapulse creates very detailed and visually striking reports that are easy to understand and that does not end with you. Agorapulse also has some serious competitor analysis.

4. TubeBuddy

Social Media Marketing Tools: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is that it gives you everything from deep analytics and insights that YouTube doesn’t give you. You also have various checklists that TubeBuddy puts in front of you to ensure that before you upload a video

You have key elements like a custom thumbnail title, keywords. YouTube through subscribers, as well as views is that TubeBuddy shows you where your videos rank based on certain keywords within your content.

TubeBuddy is a free Google Chrome browser extension that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

TubeBuddy Features

  • Channel Management.
  • keyword Research.
  • Optimized Search Tags.
  • Manage comments.
  • Create Thumbnails.

5. Adobe Spark

Social Media Marketing Tools: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an online based content creation platform and mobile design app which allows you to create stunning eye catching visuals for social media without having design expertise or experience.

Adobe Spark offers you the ability to create images for social media short videos and even websites with Adobe Spark. You can make images for Instagram including stories posts for Facebook and Twitter.

With the Adobe Spark post mobile app, You can create everything from short videos for social media post content to visual means that educate or inspire your audience while on the go from your mobile device.

6. Loomly

Social Media Marketing Tools: Loomly

Loomly defines itself as a brand success platform focused on teams being able to build a brand from the ground up with an easy to use review and approval workflow built into the tool Loomly will help your entire team be efficient and on the same page and crafting your brand presence online.

Also, are you struggling to brainstorm content ideas for your brand, Loomly makes content recommendations based on trends, upcoming dates or holidays and common social media best practices that you can use instantly.

7. Hootsuite

Social Media Marketing Tools: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best Social Media Marketing Tools with over 16 million active users. It’s primarily known for its ease of use in managing social content and effectively scheduling and posting content across a number of different platforms.

Hootsuite also offers numerous educational resources such as courses and certifications around using Hootsuite and helping your brand use social media and reporting analytics successfully.

Hootsuite By setting up multiple listening dashboards, you’re able to monitor in real time what’s said on Twitter and Instagram by entering the hashtag mentions that you’d like to monitor.

8. Lately

Social Media Marketing Tools: Lately

It allow to schedule posts in bulk but the magic behind Lately is that it has an AI powered algorithm.You can drop in links from magazine articles, you can drop in videos from YouTube, if you’ve written content that lives on your blog, you can drop all this content into Lately.

Lately is AI powered algorithm is going to spit out content that’s already pre written for you. And with a couple of clicks, you can just schedule that out to all of your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

9. Sendible

Social Media Marketing Tools: Sendible

Sendible is actually for businesses and not individuals. Any agency that takes care of social media marketing for a number of clients would benefit from sendible like digital marketing agencies. It has built in integrations to blogs, social media platforms, and other sharing sites.

Sendible also has collaborative features that allow you to communicate with team members, a social media listing tool to reply to your audience by priority, easy access to the Canva design tool, and a built in content library and suggestions.

You can monitor the productivity of your clients accounts or their campaigns and create social media reports for them using the tools already made templates. You can read reports with very engaging visuals using the report hub. Sendible has a free trial period as well when you sign up.

10. LastPass

Social Media Marketing Tools: LastPass

Which is absolutely great and one of the most inexpensive tools you can get yet one of the most valuable is actually LastPass. If you ever get your social media marketing clients passwords and usernames and things like that, you’re going to want to keep obviously control of it safely. But it’s a nightmare at scale to keep remembering all of your passwords.

LastPass is a place that you can keep a track of all of your passwords, keep it all in one place. And it’ll allow you to log into your clients Facebook pages allows you to log into their LinkedIn, it will allow you to log into your own social pages, your own, you know social media tools and But it also keeps all of the passwords really, really safe.

One thing to note about LastPass as well is you can actually share passwords with your team members. So let’s say you get a client password for a LinkedIn account for one of your clients. They can give you the password, you can add it to your LastPass. And then you can actually share that password with your team member but you can share them access without actually giving the exact password that’s really great because you don’t want any trust issues between you and your client.

11. Sprout Social

Social Media Marketing Tools: Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the largest and most comprehensive Social Media Marketing Tools. Sprout Social offers post publishing and scheduling, reporting and analytics, monitoring, and social listening. All together these tools provide a comprehensive experience when it comes to managing not only your social media, but your online presence as a whole.

12. MavSocial

Social Media Marketing Tools: MavSocial

Along with bulk scheduling and reporting functionality MavSocial puts a significant focus on the visual side of social media including a stock image library an integrated image editor and the ability to manage a digital asset library on top of that MavSocial also has some very fancy AI image recognition capabilities that will help you manage and organize all of your images.

13. BuzzSumo

Social Media Marketing Tools: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo to get the upper hand over your competitors, you will need to understand their methods. BuzzSumo is primarily a research tool that evens the odds by letting you know what works and what doesn’t. It can track your competitors and analyze their content for you to understand their strategies and how they work.

You can track how successful your strategies are and track the performance of your content or posts and how they are being shared. Some of BuzzSumo as features include alerts on domain links, keywords and others.

Search Ability of content across third party sites and blogs, including LinkedIn, Medium and YouTube with BuzzSumo. You can also analyze what posts performed the best for any topic or page on Facebook.

14. Biteable

Social Media Marketing Tools: Biteable

Biteable was created to be relatively inexpensive and very easy to use. It gives you the tools you need to bring your social media content to life with videos. It has templates, music and other features that you can use to create studio quality videos without an actual studio.

Most of Biteable is features are available even with the free version and their premium version isn’t that expensive either. If you are looking to increase how many views you get try Biteable and remember that video content gets three times as many views as regular text on Instagram.

15. HubSpot

Social Media Marketing Tools: HubSpot

HubSpot has some pretty well rounded functional features. They are basically an all in one marketing platform with a social media marketing portion. It allows you to publish share content, monitor posts, plus analytics and reporting features.

You can track mentions of your brand and conversations on HubSpot, Create a posting calendar and have engagements tracked automatically. You can also compare the performance of your campaigns across multiple platforms to see which campaign works best and on which platform.

HubSpot automation tools are their real selling point with their customers though, who repeatedly voted their favorite feature. Unfortunately, HubSpot is quite expensive, but they have a free version if you want to minimize expenses at the cost of extra features.

16. Canva

Social Media Marketing Tools: Canva

Canva is excellent for creating stunning visual content for campaigns. The user interface is also straightforward to use even for those clueless about design. It is basically a graphic design tool with lots of templates and ready made graphics that can be used by anyone who knows how to use a mouse you just drag and drop to edit.

Canva is a place you can set up social media posts is a place you can get ad creative, developed, and has a bunch of templates on there that you can go in plug and play a couple of different images download within a couple of minutes.

Canva Features

  • Access to Free Stock Images.
  • Drag and Drop Templates by Channel.
  • Upload Your Own Images.
  • Create eBooks, Newsletter Headers, Podcast Cover Art and Social Images.

17. Zapier

Social Media Marketing Tools: Zapier

Automatically Publish your Instagram posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest using Zapier, You will find this integration extremely helpful to save you time and energy and to give you a lot better workflow.

You can omit any of these for example, If you just want to share to Facebook or just Twitter or just LinkedIn or just Pinterest or just two or three of these you can set it all up exactly how you want to with Zapier.

18. Feedly

Social Media Marketing Tools: Feedly

Feedly is RSS feed reader and Feedly will help you create Contentt, You can integrate any website of your choice and create awesome Content on Feedly.

Feedly is a great resource that will allow you access to a number of different sources. You have a free plan on the web or mobile that allows you up to 100 sources and to organize them into 3 feeds.

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