SaleHoo Reviews

SaleHoo Review How to Make Money Dropshipping with Amazon,Detail review I’m going to be explaining why to fail though is our number one recommended tool for finding drop shifters and wholesalers plus I’m going to be giving you an over-the-shoulder step-by-step tutorial on how you can use sell her to locate low-cost that high-profit drop shippers these USA-based drop shippers are selling items so cheaply

that you could be drop shipping them on and making a nice profit but so who isn’t right for everybody, in fact, there are some people that really shouldn’t be buying it to find

SaleHoo Reviews

but believe me when I say that this is an honest review because I’m going to be showing you proof but if you combined Salehoo with some real effort they need to be making genuine money now the reason why we recommend so who isn’t because of the little round of bonus features that it was like

the market research lab and the forums because frankly, we actually care about those things although we do care about the support that souther provides in the support of excellent the thing that we care about the most and the thing that we think that you should care the most about are the quality of the suppliers sell who is first and foremost a supply directory as emphasis provides you with access to thousands of structures because

SaleHoo wholesalers manufacturers and liquidators

wholesalers manufacturers and liquidators so the question is if sell hood supplier selection any good and the answer to that question is yes sell her supplier selection is good on the condition that you’re looking for suppliers based in the USA

they have a lot of suppliers based in United States like drop shippers there were selling items for such low prices that you can resell them on and make prophets they also have lots of USFS wholesalers manufacturers and liquidators as well and while

they do have suppliers based in UK Europe and Australia the selection is unfortunately rather small and honestly this isn’t the fault of Soho it’s simply because of the fact that the United States and China dominate

the manufacturing market across the globe consider that as of 2012 China manufactured twenty two point four percent of the world’s manufactured goods and the United States manufactured 17.4% now let’s compare that DNA kingdom which manufactured just one point nine percent and Australia even less so it’s also isn’t some magic tool that’s going to find you lots of suppliers based around the world

because they simply don’t exist and of course if you’re looking to instead import from China well you don’t actually need to use Soho because of the fact that China has a huge free directory online called Alibaba but there is nothing like Alibaba the USA based suppliers if you want to find a USA based supplier using any sort of decent directory then you’re going to have to pay for it but of course why should you believe me

when I say that there are suppliers on there that are low cost but high profits well I’m gonna prove it to you by giving you a tutorial on how to locate the low cost high profit drug shifters that I’ve been talking about that have items priced so low that you could be reselling them on Amazon and making a profit sick one

open up the sale who supplied the victory and filter the results to only show us a base dropshippers in this step we’re going to open up the cell who supplied victory we’re going to pick a category to analyze and then we’re going to filter the results using the search tool that Sauer who have to filter it down so that we’ve only got us a based dropshippers for that category let me show you exactly how to do this this here is the homepage of salehoo now I’ve

salehoo reviews find prouduct

SaleHoo dashboard click login

now so this here is the cell who supply catalog dashboard it looks very different to how it looked in the past as the sale routine have given it a bit of a facelift here you have two ways to browse suppliers firstly

you can search for specific types of items in keywords using the search bar the other way is you can browse through them by clicking on the categories and breadth in the suppliers in each category now what a million things that I’ve removed a sort of feature in there makeover in the past

SaleHoo click search suppliers without typing

you used to be able to just come and click search suppliers without typing in any keywords open up their whole supplier list in my previous tutorials I taught everyone to do that well you can’t just do that anymore I asked the dev team

why you couldn’t and they told me that over the past couple of years I’ve seen a huge influx of people using their search bar without typing in their keywords they sort of was an accident and so they removed the feature so that people would stop doing this accidentally they didn’t realize though that everyone was doing it because I was teaching them to do it oh that’s

SaleHoo supply catalog

ok it doesn’t really change anything I’ll show you what you guys should be doing now what I recommend that everyone does now is that they scroll down to the category section as you can see the Salehoo supply catalog has organized all of the suppliers into different categories

what if the gist that you do is go through each category one at a time and analyze the suppliers in the way that I’ll teach you how to do in step two to get started though you’ll need to pick a category in the beginning it’s often helpful to get started by researching and focusing on items that you like so may have a bit of a geek chance

salehoo reviews supply catalog

SaleHoo clicked on toys and games

so I clicked on toys and games so what cell who has now done if it’s loaded up all the suppliers in its catalogue that sell toys and games the thing though is that sale who doesn’t just have dropship residence catalog it has wholesalers liquidators and manufacturers as well so what we now want to do is you want to filter the results to only show suppliers that dropship

salehoo reviews toys and games

so come here to the search filters and click supply a type from a drop down menu clicks drop shippers now what cell who has done is still to this category to only show suppliers that sell toys and games that also dropship those where we’ve gone from 300 of one supplier down to 83 makes you want to source the results to only show suppliers that are based in the United States

since we’re going to be drop shipping on and our customers are going to expect to receive their items fast from a local address and they will not be willing to wait a long time for items to arrive from Chinese suppliers so comes the filters again and click

the select locations drop down menu click North America and that is that we are done with filter the results so that we have a list of north america based dropshippers in this category it is now time to move on to the next it sits to open up the suppliers that we found a sip one and go through the catalog of items and locate the items that are priced low enough for us to make a profit on amazon

so who have now given us a list of USA based dropships and the category that we’ve selected so it’s time to move on to step two what we’re going to do is we’re going to open up each supply that we found and step one and we’re going to go through the catalog of items that they are selling we will then go through each of these items and compares their prices to the going prices on Amazon if we find an item that is pressed lower then it’s going price on Amazon

then we know that we can dropship that item on Amazon and make a profit now I’ve got two important disclaimers here one not all the items that you’re going to find in the supplies catalogs are going to be profitable in fact the majority of them are probably not going to be if only

because Amazon’s fees are so high however don’t think of this as a bad thing and said you should think of this as a good thing because it’s going to make it more difficult for your competitors to source your item it’s very easy for anybody to come in and dropship an item from Aliexpress which is why if you look at items of selling on Aliexpress and then compare it to the going prices on Amazon

the competition is cut through however the support drop shipping that I’m teaching you has an economic moat around it and that economic moat is protecting your business and secondly not all suppliers are going to have catalogs readily available online several suppliers are going to ask you to contact them directly to get access to the catalogs

now again do not look at this as a bad thing look at it as a good thing this means that they are protecting their wholesale prices which means in that your customers on Amazon can’t just do a quick google search and come up with your drop shippers website they may also ask you for a resale certificate now this is state-dependent and a lot of suppliers will not ask for it if one does though don’t worry.