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  • SaleHoo has been an online bestseller for years.
  • It’s updated with new vendors every year and is trusted by thousands of marketers who do dropshipping.
  • You have access to this product for 60 days to test it out. There is also money back guarantee.
  • SaleHoo Directory is more than just a list of dropshippers.


  • No location based search.
  • It will be difficult for those local online retailers and e commerce companies that are advertising and selling products for a particular geographic region.
  • They will find it hard to improve business sales in a specific target location.
  • There are not many useful features.

SaleHoo has been around for a long time, and they’re most well known for being a wholesale and dropship directory. So basically, if you want to buy products in bulk, this is a great place to find those products. Because it is a very large directory.

If you are willing to take your life to the next level, and learn how to make extra income on the side without leaving your current job all right SaleHoo, you can be defined as an easy to use tool. Find out about SaleHoo Review, Pricing, Support, Guarantee, Pros and Cons of SaleHoo in this post.

SaleHoo different wholesalers and different suppliers and dropshipping suppliers in their directory. And they personally vet all of the suppliers ensure that their company is legitimate, ensuring that the products are quality, and that they offer what they say they offer. And so if you want to start a business, selling items on eBay, or Amazon or even on Etsy, this is a great place to find those products.

What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo has help an online seller can find profitable sales through products from low cost certified suppliers. That is a research tool that comes with supplier directory and online community for wholesalers, dropshippers and E-commerce stores.

SaleHoo In the year 2005 New Zealand based entrepreneurs Simon Slade and Mark Ling established, it can provide you with 8000 trusted dropshipping and wholesale suppliers. Currently, it has about 137,000 paying members who can find around 2.5 million identifiable branded goods that you can market to your customers.

How does SaleHoo Work?

You create your Shopify store and list your products with SaleHoo dropship then you drive traffic to your store. Just like any business, you need web traffic, whether it’s using SEO, paid advertising, social media, or a combination of all three, then when you get an order, you notify your drop shipper with SaleHoo drop ship, and then you pay that dropshipping supplier and they ship the product out to your customer.

SaleHoo Pricing

SaleHoo Prices and Plans, you can pay a monthly fee, or an annual fee and Lifetime.

  • SaleHoo Directory: $67 Annual and $127 Lifetime
  • SaleHoo Dropship: Basic – $27 (Monthly) and $270 (Annually)
  • SaleHoo Dropship: Premium – $97 (Monthly) and $970 (Annually)
  • SaleHoo Educate: $47 Lifetime

Note: Keep in mind that the Prices of SaleHoo varies from time to time.

SaleHoo Dropship

SaleHoo Review: SaleHoo Dropship

SaleHoo dropshipping you can find details about all the best selling items, you can use the information provided to select the product to be sold. It provides a simple product listing with ranks so it is not that hard to pick a product to sell.

SaleHoo also provides other commodity sales details like:

  • Sales during regular season.
  • Sales during a promotional season.
  • The latest trends in demand product in order to be a successful seller you need to take a look at the trends and find out which ones are the in demand products that are sold in large numbers.

SaleHoo Market Research Labs

SaleHoo has market research labs from where you can find ideas of in demand profitable items highest profit margins. In order to gain profit, you need to be aware of the product that has the highest profit margins.

Finding such products can be hard. If you do not research properly, then you might end up not gaining any profit. This is where SaleHoo comes in to guide your properly supplier details the supplier information needs to be arranged properly so that you do not get confused.

SaleHoo Educate

SaleHoo also have an education section and what this is online videos as well as bonus resources and other information. And they have two courses that you can choose from one is dropshipping on Shopify and the other is Amazon product launch. So it’s pretty cool if you wanted to get some more information and just basically learn how the whole process works.

SaleHoo Directory

SaleHoo Review: SaleHoo Directory

SaleHoo Directory will help you to find low cost trustworthy suppliers who happened to stock the product you like to sell to your customers. You can contact the seller easily with its help insider deal if you become a SaleHoo member then you can get insider deals from the suppliers. You can also get insider transactions or contracts from dropshippers.

Easy access you have the option to set specific search criteria which will quickly filter over 8000+ global and local suppliers. With all the details you learn about the seller, you can safely negotiate the lowest cost for your item with no minimum orders.

Learn the trade with the help of SaleHoo:

  • E-commerce Glossary.
  • Online Guides.
  • Video Tutorials.

Any new or beginner can learn how to sell online to make a profit SaleHoo also offers step by step training on.

  • Finding Products
  • Dropshipping
  • Choosing Suppliers.

SaleHoo has a lot to offer to those who wants to sell online by learning from other successful sellers.

SaleHoo Support

Helpful customer cares service SaleHoo provided unlimited one on one support via Facebook live chat, email and phone. They are known for their award winning support.

Even if you find the dashboard confusing, you will be able to use it with these once you made contact with the team. They are trained and their goal is to build a relationship and provide a helpful Customer Care Service.

SaleHoo Guarantee

SaleHoo will make sure that you are not having any problem. They are very confident about this and this is why they are known to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. They also provide a 60 day money back guarantee as well SaleHoo Shopify.

SaleHoo Integrate with Shopify

SaleHoo Review: SaleHoo Integrate with Shopify
  1. First thing you have to do is download SaleHoo App.
  2. Register with SaleHoo in order to get admission to the dropship tool.
  3. Then you have to connect with your Shopify store. It is not that hard to connect it with Shopify, the connection can take place with just one Click.
  4. After this you have to select the product you want to sell and add the items to your Shopify.

SaleHoo customer care team will be able to provide the needed help. If you find it confusing, Shopify happens to be an E-commerce software where as SaleHoo provide directory list of suppliers. So when combined, both sites will be able to help you build a highly competitive and profitable online store.

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