Fortnite Search Between an Oasis Rockway and Dinosaurs (Hidden Star Location)

Fortnite search between an oasis rockway and dinosaurs (Hidden Star Location) welcome to my fortnight Battle Royale week 2 hidden star challenge guide this week’s challenge has a search in between an oasis a rock archway and dinosaurs now I’ve noted this is for the actual challenge star and not the road trip secret star I’ve already covered where the week 2 road trip secret star is which I’ll link in the outro now

search between an oasis rockway and dinosaurs1

There’s only one spot on the map that has dinosaurs and that’s where the old moisty Mayer was just next to Paradise Palms if you look southwest of here we can see a couple of high peaks separated by a road the peak we’re aiming for is third from the left north of this road which is right here on the map now there are two issues here first is that the elimination challenge is in Paradise Palms which means this area is gonna be more jam-packed than ever

search between an oasis rockway and dinosaurs2

Second this star is on a very narrow ledge and there’s no weapon spawns nearby so be prepared to get pickaxe into oblivion I tried landing on the top of the mountain peak itself but I could never find a weapon spawn here and I must have landed here at least six times so if one does spawn someone let me know in the comments now if you land on top at this peak slide down on the northeast side and you’ll see a rock formation as well as two cactuses

This is where you’ll find the star and here’s the precise location on the mini-map now just of note this area does not count as getting kills in Paradise Palms it’s too far away I had a pretty terrible idea of grabbing a weapon right away hitting a rift portal and then dropping on all the people attempting to grab


The star I know that’s pretty shady of me but I myself must have died at least seven times before I could finally grab that star regardless it doesn’t work so don’t get your hopes up now if you’re needing assistance with the weak – the road trip is hidden star feel free to check out that.

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