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HubSpot Service Hub powerful tool that aim to help businesses of all sizes provide an outstanding customer experience. HubSpot Service Hub product for support, sales and even marketing.

HubSpot Service Hub is a tool that aims at delivering more than simple item tracking. Its main goal is to transform your prospects into promoters via carefully crafted efficiency mechanism.

In this HubSpot Service Hub review, We will help you determine if this HubSpot Service Hub is worth your time and money.

Pricing and Plans

HubSpot Service Hub has 3 Pricing and Plans, Starter, Professional and Enterprise and HubSpot Service Hub Free one with some basic tools needed to help you connect with your customers.

HubSpot Service Hub gives you a choice to choose either monthly or annual charges, with the possibility to save up to 10% on the latter option.

Pricing and Plans of HubSpot Service Hub:

  1. Starter: $45/Month – 2 Paid Users
  2. Professional: $360/Month – 5 Paid Users
  3. Enterprise: $1,200/Month – 10 Paid Users


HubSpot Service Hub: Interface

When it comes to HubSpot Service Hub Interface. HubSpot Service Hub tool offer a modern and user friendly design for their customers. HubSpot Service Hub has good, but you’ll probably have to spend a bit more time on HubSpot Service Hub implementation, since it’s a very feature packed solution, which might be confusing at first.


HubSpot Service Hub have a diverse list of features, HubSpot Service Hub offers conversational bots, which are meant to assist customers in the process of self service with this feature, you can route your customers to helpful documents, facts and other issue solving material.

Features of HubSpot Service Hub Free:

  • CRM
  • Ticketing
  • Live chat
  • Conversations inbox
  • Calling
  • Conversational bots
  • Team email
  • Canned snippets
  • Email Templates
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Reports
  • Email tracking and notifications
  • Documents

Features of HubSpot Service Hub Starter:

  • Everything in the Free Version
  • Email Sequences
  • Conversation Routing
  • Email Scheduling

Features of HubSpot Service Hub Professional:

  • Everything in Free & Starter plus
  • Multiple ticket pipelines
  • Knowledge base
  • 1:1 Video creation and hosting
  • NPS surveys
  • Customer experience surveys
  • Customer support surveys
  • Insights dashboard
  • Custom reporting

Features of HubSpot Service Hub Enterprise:

  • All the features in Professional plus
  • Custom reporting
  • Teams
  • Multiple currencies
  • Standard contact scoring
  • Customer service automation
  • Playbooks
  • Call transcription
  • Hierarchical teams
  • Calling API
  • Events API
  • Calculated properties
  • Goals

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