HubSpot Sequences (Complete Guide)

HubSpot sequences is a way for you to insert a bunch of people into a process and design the specific emails and actions that you would want to take with them.

If you’re looking to use automation to save you time and make that follow up with prospects easier HubSpot Sequences are the way to go. HubSpot sequences are a powerful tool inside of the HubSpot platform.

What is HubSpot Sequences?

HubSpot sequences allow you to set up a series of communications that go out to people inside a certain list or individuals that you enroll one by one that will send them certain emails, HubSpot sequences will trigger some certain tasks or follow ups.

Pricing and Plans of HubSpot Sales

You have to have HubSpot Sales Starter or above to be able to create HubSpot sequences. If you’re on just the Regular HubSpot Sales free version, you don’t have this option. This is a paid option that you have to have.

  • Starter (2 paid users – $45/month)
  • Professional (5 paid users – $450/month)
  • Enterprise (10 paid users – $1200/month)

How to Create and Edit HubSpot Sequences

Getting them create HubSpot Sequences for the first time can be a little intimidating. Look at what they have for you in terms of pre loaded templates, or pre loaded sequences, and how to set up your own from scratch.

  1. Go to HubSpot, Click on Automation tab Pull this down and Click on Sequences.
  1. Click on Create Sequence.
  1. In Left Side select any one starting with premade HubSpot sequences. We would definitely recommend starting with premade HubSpot sequences, They have a lot of different options.
Premade HubSpot Sequences

List of Premade HubSpot Sequences:

  • Recent Conversion
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Or Demo Request
  • Post Call/Meeting Follow Up Sequence
  • Prospecting
  • Left Voicemail/Unable To Connect
  • Reschedule Meeting Attempt
  • Re-Engagement/Lost Contact

Go ahead and use this sequence Recent Conversion. There are 4 steps in the sequence. And it’s going to take you 7 days to complete the whole sequence.

HubSpot Sequences: Recent Conversion Step 1

Step 1: First name and then you would have to upload the content, you can either use personalization token for recent conversion.

HubSpot Sequences: Recent Conversion Step 2

Step 2: Call contact to follow up.

HubSpot Sequences: Recent Conversion Step 3

Step 3: You can send them something else that they find interesting based on what they initially downloaded.

HubSpot Sequences: Recent Conversion Step 4

Step 4: You can try and set up a meeting with them.

  1. Next, Click on Create Sequence Button.
HubSpot Sequences Settings
  1. You go into the Settings to edit sequence. Different options for Settings, you can choose what is best for you. And then Click on Save Button.
HubSpot Sequences Enroll
  1. If you do want to Enroll someone, You just Click on Enroll. HubSpot Sales Pro or HubSpot Sales Enterprise users, You can Enroll multiple contacts at once. If you just have HubSpot Sales starter, You can only Enroll a single contact at once. You can go ahead and edit according to that contact.

2 types of Enroll:

  1. Enroll a single contact.
  2. Enroll multiple contacts.
HubSpot Sequences: Enroll Start sequence
  1. Go to Enroll a contact. Select Contact and Click on Next button. And if Click Start sequence, It will actually Enroll. The first one sends immediately like right after hit send.

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