How to Use CCleaner Duplicate Finder

You can find out here How to Use CCleaner Duplicate Finder for Windows or Mac Computer to Find and Remove Duplicate Files. Duplicate Finders can see in your hard drive for Duplicate Files that could help you remove them and would hopefully be able to free up some space on your hard disk. There are numerous applications that will allow you to locate duplicate files. But we are going to highlight one of the most popular utilities that is CCleaner.

Features of the CCleaner Duplicate Finder basically is cleaning up your registry in a temporary file, you can find duplicate file, for example, sometimes you had like audio, video, same video file or same movie file, putting different folder that takes a lot of disk space. if you are able to find the duplicate files, you can just remove the duplicate files so that you can save more hard drive space.

CCleaner Duplicate Finder

Listed amongst the most prominent tools for removing duplicates, CCleaner removes unnecessary files that are stored in your device registry.

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files Using CCleaner in Windows

How to Use CCleaner Duplicate Finder: How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files Using CCleaner in Windows

In this post, We are going to explain you How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on your Windows Computer.

  1. Download and Install CCleaner.
  2. Open and Click Run CCleaner button.
  3. Next, On the left side, Click Duplicate Finder. The default settings are going to allow you to search for Duplicate Files on your C:*.*
  4. Scroll Down using the scroll bar on the right or your scroll on your mouse and then left Click on the search button and It is says file search has completed, Click ok button.
  5. Just Duplicate Files listed If you wanted to Delete them, you could just check mark inside the boxes here. And then just left Click on the Delete Selected.

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files Using CCleaner in Mac

  1. Download and Install CCleaner for Mac.
  2. Next, Click Tools icon and then Click File Finder.
  3. Scroll down and Click Search button.
  4. After the file Finder completes the search for Duplicates you will see a list of them. You can now work with the results list to Select and Delete Duplicate Files.

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