How to Measure Vertical Jump

We are gonna explain you How to Measure Vertical Jump (With or Without Equipment), How anyone can measure your own vertical using just a couple different things. If you are interested in becoming a better athlete, Our passion is to help you get to that next level. You can try to Vert Shock vertical jump training system.

How to Measure Vertical Jump (With Equipment)

Vertec is used to measure someone’s reach height as well as someone’s jump pipe as to once all put together. The vertex is essentially two pieces it is this a large piece that was a assemble that has the the different flags for actually measuring height and it’s gonna have the rod that’s used to straighten these flags back out.

  • The vertical jump represents the premier drill to assess lower body power output.
  • When you step up to this drill, you’ll be asked to set your feet shoulder width apart, hands your chest.
  • As you look up, you want to focus on the highest touch point on that vertex. From there you will load down rapidly loading your legs through your arms as if they are two springs jumping as high as you can, as if to leave the ground indefinitely.
  • As you jump up, you want to focus on staying as vertical as possible in the air having the lightest touch on the highest tab not sure when Mele push the vertec down.
  • Once you’ve completed this drill, understanding that lower body power output represents the key feature of athletic capabilities and the vertical jump is the best way to measure.

How to Measure Vertical Jump (Without Equipment)

You are going to start off with the things that you need. So you’re going to need tape. And this is scotch tape, you can use any type of tape will work for this, the next thing you need is measuring tape. And the last thing is a wall, just make sure that it’s tall enough. So the best place to do this is probably going to be a gym, that’s gonna be the most accurate. But not everybody has a gym. So you can just do it on the side of your house.

  • First, You are gonna start off a little string of tape. And you’re going to want to wrap it around your middle finger on your dominant hand, wrapped around in the circle, just like this, and you want to keep it right at the top. Because that’s your highest reach.
  • You don’t want to stand all the way up to the wall and flat footed and you’re going to want to reach as high as you can get as high as you can. And that’s where you’re going to want to stick that tape. And that is your standing reach, which is also fun to know. So you can measure that as well if you’d like.
  • Before you do the next step, make sure you went through a dynamic warm up, because that is going to affect your measurement. Make sure you’re fully warmed up. So you can get as high as you possibly can. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to repeat the same process of the first step, you got to wrap the piece of tape around the middle finger on the dominant side, only this time, you’re going to stand a little bit away from the wall not much. And make sure you get your feet set proper form using momentum, and then jumping as high as you can.
  • Standing vertical leap. This is how they measure it. So get your feet set, jump as high as you can, and you’re going to stick it at the peak, not as you’re going up, not as you’re coming down. You know, stick it at your highest point. And you actually gonna want to do this three or four times and then just use the highest one. And all that is left after that is to measure the distance in between those two pieces of tape.

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