How to Make Money on YouTube: 12 Easy Ways

How to Make Money on YouTube with a Channel, you see these well-known famous YouTubers with 100,000 subscribers, half a million subscribers, a million subscribers, in order to make money on YouTube. You need a lot of views You need millions of views, millions of subscribers, let me tell you this, it is simply not true.

We are going to be breaking down 12 Easy Ways to Make Money on YouTube even if you have a small audience or Channel and We will explain some advanced tips.

1. Become a YouTube Partner Program and Enable Monetization

First, create a Channel, Join YouTube Partner Program and Enable Monetization. Monetization your YouTube Channel, you have to reach two really important milestones.

  1. The first is your channel needs to have 1000 subscribers.
  2. The second is you have to have 4000 public watch hours over the past 12 months. If you ever dip below that 4000 watch hours, YouTube can remove monetization from your channel.

If users watch and subscribe at least 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers, as we have mentioned, in the span of a year, well, you can apply Monetization.

How to Enable Monetization on YouTube

  1. Log in to your YouTube Account, go into YouTube Studio, once you’re in YouTube Studio, you’re going to go on the left side, and you’ll see monetization in the menu. Click on that, and it’ll open up channel Monetization.
  2. After you meet all the requirements to be in the YouTube Partner Program, you’re going to get an email from YouTube inviting you into the partner program.
  3. After you get that email from YouTube, you’re going to go back into your YouTube Studio and go to that monetization tab, then you’ll see an option to sign up for Google AdSense. Click that link and follow the instructions to get yourself signed up for Google AdSense.
  4. Once you have connected your AdSense, YouTube will mark the step with a green done sign on the sign up for Google AdSense card.
  5. Once you sign the YouTube Partner Program terms and connect your AdSense account, your channel will automatically be put into a review queue.
  6. YouTube will send you an email about their decision, usually within a couple of days, or sometimes it can take some weeks as well.
  7. If you are accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, congratulations, you can now set up preferences and enable Monetization on your uploads. To set up Monetization in bulk.
  8. Go to your channel’s homepage. click on Manage videos where you will land on content, then check the box video, which means that all your videos on that page are selected at once. And then under edit, select Monetization and made sure this is on.

2. Make Money on YouTube with Ads

If you want to turn your creativity into a career, you have to figure out how to monetize. And one of the ways to do that is with YouTube Ads. The problem is right now, and this is mostly in the US. So even International, this is typically a little bit lower is that you get usually $2 per 1000 video views. And that’s called a CPM.

If your goal was to get $500, on YouTube, you would need a quarter million views. And if you wanted to get $500, like a month, you would need to at least get at least that many views a month now cpms vary. And there’s lots of variables but just gives you some basic math.

Make Money on YouTube with Ads - theRadBrad

For instance, this video that theRadBrad 3,199,290 views. vidIQ will give you estimated earnings of anybody’s video, including other people’s channels. That’s not really super accurate. So, this video is made between thousand dollars.

3. Join Affiliate Programs

Every content creator should be using this what Affiliate Programs are is basically you get a commission for referring sales to another company’s product or service, plain and simple.

You can start making money, you don’t have to have 1000 of subscribers. To start using affiliate links, all you need to do is apply and get accepted to the program. And then you can start sharing the product and sharing your affiliate links.

TubeBuddy has so many features for YouTubers and content creators that streamline your process when it comes to making an uploading your YouTube videos. You’re a part of their affiliate program.

And in the description box of all of your videos, you include a section that’s tools that you use for your business or your YouTube channel. You include the link right there. People can click on that link and then purchase a license to TubeBuddy and then you will get a commission.

The Amazon Associates program is another, which is their affiliate program, everybody shops on Amazon because they literally have everything.

Make Money on YouTube by Affiliate Programs - Marques Brownlee

This is Marques Brownlee, and he own a Tech channel. And he has this ranked video that he is doing Amazon Affiliate Program, there’s links in the description to the Amazon Affiliate Program.

4. Sell your own Digital Products

your own products that you can sell digitally, eBooks, digital courses, online planners, templates, worksheets, you name it, there is a digital product out there.

But as a YouTuber or a small business, these digital products are great because you can share a lot of tips and strategies in your videos. But if people want to have something tangible or take it a step further, you can direct them to your digital products.

So, for example, if you have a finance, YouTube channel, all about budgeting, you can have a budget spreadsheet that someone can download and then use to use your budgeting strategies that you share in your videos. And then they can apply in their real life for their monthly budget.

5. Sell Merchandise

Merchandise is classic, everybody knows merge, there is a big spectrum on merge. It doesn’t just have to be t shirts. It can be sweatshirts, hats, mugs, pencils, pins, all sorts of things, the sky is the limit.

But you definitely don’t have to have a certain number of subscribers before you start offering Merchandise. You can print merchandise to yourself and then manage and sell it on your own. That’s really expensive and timely. Or you can use any company.

How to Make Money on YouTube: Sell Merchandise - Jacksfilms

For instance, this Jacksfilms sells shirts and other items under its brand by which some money comes through.

6. Get Sponsorships to Make Money on YouTube

Sponsorships are basically where a company will pay to have their product or service or company shouted out in your YouTube videos, it will be promoted directly in your YouTube video. And they compensate you for doing so.

And really the big misconception is that you have to have 1000 of subscribers before you can be sponsored. And that is not the case.

Get Sponsorships to Make Money on YouTube - Derral Eves

For instance, this Derral Eves explain about Famebit sponsorship.

7. You can sell Services

Services, which is always the fastest path to cash, is to sell your time for money. If you need to Make Money on YouTube quickly, we are telling you, the fastest way to get there is to sell your time to be a fitness trainer to be a coach to be a consultant. The problem is long term, it’s the least scalable. So, services are a great way to monetize your personal brand.

Services are a great way to make big money with a small channel. So, if you are a service provider, meaning your consultant, you are a coach, you are an expert, maybe you are a real estate agent, maybe your mortgage broker, you an insurance agent, you’re providing a service in your local area in your city, YouTube is a very, very powerful way to get your message out there, to promote your name to get your name out there to create some value in the marketplace and educate your potential clients.

How to Make Money on YouTube: You can sell Services - Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes This is his business model, he does sell some stuff to his clients like to his audience, but the number one thing Lewis sells is access to his audience. It’s the people who sponsor his podcast.

8. Setup Crowdfunding for Your Channel

Take a look at the Crowdfunding sites YouTube has approved and choose the ones you like.

How to Make Money on YouTube: Setup Crowdfunding for Your Channel - Black Plasma Studios

For instance, this Black Plasma Studios channel, and launched a Patreon. Now, this doesn’t happen overnight. First, he built up his authority built up, you know, trust, he added tons of value to people, but then eventually, he was able to surpass even that hundreds of dollars mark as a base of just support. And so Crowdfunding is a great way.

9. You can Sell Event Tickets

Some YouTubers, they do what I call meet and greet type of events, where they actually meet with the fans, and the fans get to meet with their favourite YouTuber, take photo selfie, maybe even sign something here and there. And then you can meet with your fan. Even if a small fan base, you can sell tickets to meet with you. So, you can use that to generate revenue as well.

How to Make Money on YouTube: You can Sell Event Tickets - Tough Mudder

For instance, make money by selling tickets to this Tough Mudder events.

10. Become a YouTube Consultant

If you are a good YouTuber, and if you have a solid foundation, knowing how YouTube works, there are so many businesses out there that they want to launch a YouTube channel or they have a YouTube channel, but they’re struggling to grow it what you could do is to become a YouTube consultant to actually help other people to help them grow their YouTube channel.

11. Make Money on YouTube with Super Chat

YouTube replaces Fan Funding with Super Chat. Super Chat is a livestream chat feature that allows viewers to have their chat message highlighted to the streamer by giving them a donation much like donation features that appear on other live streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer.

YouTube have integrated the feature into their chat window a viewer is more likely to have their message seen by the streamer and the streamer can make some extra dollars in addition to their AdSense revenue a viewer can give a super chat by clicking the button at the bottom of the chat window this feature will only show to those who have the feature available check the link.

Make Money on YouTube with Super Chat - MrBeast

For instance, if someone super chat after joining this MrBeast, that channel will get some money.

12. License your videos to the media

You can have someone pay to have a license to use your video on their platforms. There are a few companies on websites out there.

Jukin Media, where you can submit your different videos into a database or a library. So that way when people are looking at videos to license you can show up there.

How to Make Money on YouTube: License your videos to the media - Chewbacca mask

Chewbacca mask, if you remember a few years ago, there was this viral video on Facebook of this woman.

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