how to make money on fiverr

Would You Like To Realize What Is Fiverr? How To Make Money On Fiverr?

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr Is An Online Marketplace For Services In Layman’s Terms It Was An Online Service And Sold In The Market, And It Is A Special Thing About Fiverr. Is That The Price Of All Services Is $5 Millions Of People Want Diverse Things On The Internet Somebody Wants To Get A Sketch Made While Someone Else Wants To Get A Mobile App

Someone Wants A Video And Someone Else Website Design And Someone Wants Facebook Page Likes These People Go On Fiverr To Find Someone To Do This Work For Them If You Can Do Jobs Like These You Can Earn Money From Fiverr

how to make money on Fiverr

fiverr join

Make New Account

Let’s Make A New Account On Fiverr First, You Will Need To Go To The Fiverr Website Join Fiverr Click On The Join Button On Top Enter Your Email Id In The Field Click On Continue It Is Asking You To Enter A Username The Green Colored Tick Mark Means The Username Is Available To Enter A Password And Click Join Now

We Are Logged In Fiverr First, You Need To Activate Your Account Go To Your Email Inbox Click And Open The Email Received From Fiverr Click On The Green Button To Activate Your Account The Account Is Successfully Activated

Edit Your Profile

Click On Edit Your Profile Enter The Full Name Email Has Already Been Entered Next, You Need To Provide The Billing Information Enter The Name Or Business Name To Which The Monthly Invoices Will Be Addressed Enter The Full Name Enter The Address Choose The Country If You Reside In The European Union You Need To Enter The VAT ID No.

Here Let’s Skip The Field Click On Save Changes The Account Settings Have Been Updated You Can See A Tick Mark On Top This Represents You To-Do Items. Click On It You Need To Complete A Few Tasks Here First Let’s Update Our Profile Click On Update Now You Need To Upload Your Profile Photo Here Click On Choose Photo And Upload A Photo I Have Uploaded An Avatar Here. You Should Upload Your Real Photo.

It Adds To The Buyers’ Confidence If You Show Your Real Face Enter Some Details About Yourself Here This Needs To Be In English I Have Prepared A Brief Write Up About Myself In MS Word Copy From MS Word And Paste In The Space Provided Choose The Site Language English

Has Been Chosen By Default You Can Add Another Language Here Click On Add Language And See If Hindi Is Available A No. Of Indian Languages Can Be Chosen Let’s Add Hindi Click On Save Changes The Public Profile Settings Have Been Saved Click On The To-Do List We Have Completed Task No.3 The Status For No. 3 Is Reflected As Done Now

Create A Gig

Fiverr Createagig

What Can Services Be Offered On Fiverr? You Can Design A Webpage Or Make A Mobile App Or Can Make A Short Video For Someone You Can Record A Song Or Your Voice Some People Get Videos Uploaded On Their YouTube Channel Get Tagging Done

Some People Get Work Done To Increase Traffic To Their Website Some Get A Facebook Page Made While Others Want Likes For Their Facebook Page Or Instagram There Are Thousands Of Jobs That Can Be Done Here And For Each Job, You Can Earn Approx. Rs.300 These Services Or Jobs Are Called Gigs

You Can Find Thousands Of Gigs Here For Each Gig, You Get Paid $5 You Get Paid After The Gig Is Finished Fiverr Deducts 20% Or $1 And Pays $4 To You Click On Fiverr There Are Different Categories Of Gigs Here If You Know How To Make A Video You Can Click On Any Of These Let’s Click On Intros A No. Of People Are Displayed Here Who Are Offering Their Services Those With The Highest Ratings Are Displayed On Top.

Let’s Post A New Gig

Click On The To-Do List Click On The Create Button In Start Selling A New Page Opens Up Click On Create A Gig We Are Creating A New Gig Here. The Language Of The Gig Is English Choose The Title Of The Gig I Have Already Typed The Title In MS Word Earlier Copy From MS Word And Paste

The Gig Title Next Select A Category Let’s Choose Video & Animation In Sub-Category Let’s Choose Animation & 3D Now It Requires Us To Upload A Cover Photo You Can Watch The Video To Know The Guidelines Click On Browse And Select The Cover Photo, The Cover Photo Appears. Click On The Done Button

Gig Gallery

You Can Upload Your Photos Relating To Your Previous Work Here Click On Browse And Select A Photo Of Your Previous Work Add Another Photo Add A Third Photo I Have Uploaded 3 Photos In The Gig Gallery You Can Upload A PDF File As Well Here Whoever Sees The Photos Will Get An Idea Of What Kind Of Video It Shall

Next Enter The Description In This Description You Can Describe In Detail The Nature Of The Gig And The Services You Are Offering At The Bottom It Is Asking Us To Select The Animation Type Let’s Select Whiteboard Animation

Next, We Need To Select The Style – Let’s Leave This Select The File Format The File Output Can Be MP4, MOV Or FLV Formats In Also Delivering

Let’s Choose HD Quality And Record Voiceover I Have Taken This As An Example To Illustrate A Gig To You It Depends On You How You Want To Post The Gig You Need To At Least Enter 3 Tags Here Choose The Duration To Deliver

Let’s Choose 2 Days – Meaning The Gig Will Be Delivered In 2 Days You Can Leave Your Requirements For The Buyer Here, For Instance, I Have Put In That The Buyer Needs To Provide (I) Logo(Ii)Tempo Of Music & (Iii) Color Preference

If The Buyer Does Not Provide These Requirements, I Will Be Unable To Complete The Gig Click On Save And Continue Fiverr Is Saying That You Can Earn More By Offering Extra Services $5 Is For Basic Services.

You Can Earn More By Providing Extra Services

Click On Add Gig Extras ExtraFast -This Video Can Be Delivered In 1 Day For An Extra $10 If A Buyer Wants The Video Quickly They May Pay Us An Extra $10 Click On Save & Continue.

Fiverr Is Informing Us That Sellers Who Upload A Video Showcasing Their Service Sell 220% More Click On Upload Video Let’s Attach A Sample Video Here Click On Save & Continue Fiverr Provides The Option Of Charging Extra For Physical Shipping If You Are Selling Physical GoodsWe Are Selling A Digital Product.

Let’s Click On No Thanks Click On Publish Gig To Publish Your Gig The Gig Has Been Published And Is Alive Click On The Finish Button 1 Active Gig Is Displayed In My Gigs When Someone Searches In Services Your Gig May Be Listed If They Like Your Gig They May Contact You, You Will Get Paid 48 Hours After Finishing

Your Gig The Payment Will Happen Via Paypal Or The Fiverr Revenue Card You Can See My Real Fiverr Revenue Card On The Screen On The Left-Hand Panel You Can See Revenues Click On Revenues We Have Earned $0 Till Now You Have 2 Payment Options, Paypal Or Fiverr Revenue Card I

f You Have A Paypal Account Link It Here The Money Will Be Transferred Directly If You Do Not Have A PayPal Account For Your Paypal Account Click Here To Apply For A Fiverr Revenue Card This Is Actually A Debit Card From The Payoneer Company The Payment Will Be Transferred To The Card And You Can Withdraw The Money From The Card Click On Fiverr Revenue Card.

Fiverr Is Asking Us To Check Our Email And Follow The Instructions To Add Our Payoneer Account Let’s Go The Email Inbox Fiverr Has Sent Us An Email. Click On The Link To Apply For A Payoneer Card

Important Things To Note Provide Genuine Information About YourselfFinish Your Gigs On Time If You Have Any Queries Please Clarify Them With The Buyer Delivering High-Quality Work Improves Your Rating Or Reputation, And You Will Continue To Get Work On Fiverr

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