How to Find and Fix Broken Links in WordPress

You can find out here How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress website. Broken Links can affect your WordPress website in many ways it can slow down your website and also it can affect your ranking in search engines. So it is very important to remove all the Broken Links in your WordPress website.

Cleaning of broken links can add context to your website, improve user experience and make content within your website easier for visitors and search engines to discover.

What are Broken Links SEO?

One of the ways that search engines rank websites is by crawling their link. If there are broken links on your website, it can stop these search engine biters from crawling your site. And if they can’t crawl, it can’t really index it so you can’t really show up in search results.

Do Broken Links Affect SEO?

Having broken links also frustrates your website visitors and provides them with a poor user experience. And your website with too many broken links can be a signal of low quality to search engines.

Fix Broken Links in WordPress with Plugin

Remove the Broken Links or to Fix Broken Links in WordPress, you need a very popular plugin Broken Link Checker. Broken Link Checker is capable to maintain all your internal and external links in your website and it can remove the broken links and help you to improve SEO and user experience this Broken Link Checker is completely free. You can follow step by step here to Fix Broken Links in WordPress.

How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress: WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin
  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and click Add New. Now type Broken Link in the search bar. Broken Link Checker is a very popular plugin. Now install and activate plugin.
How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress: WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin Settings
  1. Go to Settings > Link Checker > General Settings tab. In the status bar. if there are many broken links, it would have shown two broken links three, four. Check each link Change from 72 to 24. So every 24 hours, this plugin should check your website whether there is a broken link. And there is also an option to notify via email address. If there is a broken link in your website every 24 hours, it will send you an email if it founds a broken link. This will be very useful and handy feature for a person who don’t visit the website very often.
How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress: Edit Broken Links
  1. Click found broken link. The best thing about this plugin is you’ll probably have a few broken links here. And you can easily select Edit URL if you want to actually make it go to a correct URL, you can also unlink the link, you can also indicate that it’s not broken.

SEO Tools to Find Broken Links in WordPress

Here are SEO Tools to Find Broken Links in WordPress.

  • SEMrush – This is a SEO tool. It will help you do things like find keywords that you can rank for in website, you can also do things like find broken links by doing a SEMrush Site Audit.
  • Ahrefs – This is a Best SEO tool. It’s one of the best ones on the market, you can find broken links using your website Ahrefs.

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