How to Edit or Remove Footer in WordPress (3 Simple Ways)

In this tutorial we are going to show you How to Edit Footer in WordPress (3 Simple Ways) and by Footer we mean the copyright information at the very bottom which can be tricky to change depending on which theme you’re using. And no matter which theme you have there’s a couple of ways of doing it usually and one is the theme options if your theme has theme options or you can edit the Footer directly in the Editor.

Add and Edit WordPress Footer Widget and Social Links

Edit Footer in WordPress just searching for the footer.php file and click on it to open it and all this highlighted code is part of that Footer. Now you don’t want to delete all of it because there’s some functionality you might not want to delete.

WordPress footer widget areas

If we check on the Widgets menu on the under appearance open it in a new tab. We see that there are two Footer Widget Areas, Footer one, Footer two, two different Widget Areas. So if we’re just without thinking to remove this piece of code we can’t add those witnesses anymore. And here we have Social Links we can add in there.

Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress Footer

Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress Footer - Customize Footer

So we are going to remove this create from footer. So for that we just need to click on Customize. Then we’re going to click on footer. Then we are going to click on footer bar. And as you can see, in section one custom text, there is a written a powered by theme author. So we are going to remove this text and we have to publish this. So as we publish, you can see the text is removed. If you want to read something else you can easily read the information. If your theme support this function, then you can easily remove powered by text from theme customizer.

If your theme doesn’t have this option, then you may need to edit footer.php file from WordPress backend. we are going to edit a file from WordPress dashboard itself but it is not recommended. We will highly recommend you to log into website using FileZilla or any kind of FTP client and then edit your files. So we’re going to click on theme editor in we need to search file for footer.php. We will we are just going to click on that file here we need to search for Site Info. So as you can see here is a default Site Info that you started here do classes equal to Site Info and it is ending here citing so we just delete this there do and our in Footer links will be removed.

Edit or Remove Footer Copyright Text in WordPress

How you can Edit, Change, Remove Footer Copyright Text In WordPress There are Two Methods.

Edit, Change, Remove Footer Copyright Text In WordPress Customize

Customize WordPress Footer Section

  • Click WordPress Customize, Now Click Footer, Click the Footer bar.
  • Here you can see the copyright Section now to Change the Text. First, let’s Delete this default Text and now enter the Text you want now to save the changes, Click Publish.

Using a WordPress Plugin

  • Let’s go to the WordPress Dashboard. Go to Plugins and Click add new, Search for Remove Footer Credit and you will get this Plugin.
  • Select the Footer Text which you want to change. Once you Click the Text it will be Removed from here and now enter the Text you want here.
  • So once you have done that Click Save and now click OK and your text will be changed.

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