how to create a poll on facebook

You already have Facebook fan pages on how to create a poll on Facebook, but since then they have removed that feature from your face and I’ll show you here that you are going to post one.

I am here on my profile right now. You used to find it here, and it would be one of the options listed here, and you could create a poll, but now it is only for Facebook groups and Facebook fan pages.

how to create a poll on facebook laptop, or desktop computer click quick poll

so, I am going to go over to my Facebook group right here it is called creative business success and we are going to create a quick poll and show you guys how this works

create a poll on facebook laptop or desktop computer click quick poll

so, you are just going to go to the area where you would make a post, and the three dots here will extend out, and you can see the pull option Click on that, and it is going to look something like this

now going to ask a question so this is a straightforward way to get people’s input and it is super easy for people to vote, and stuff instead of typing things out people would rather click a poll

how to create a poll on facebook android mobile and iOS

Create a poll in your Facebook application, and this feature available for all android mobile and iOS users.

First, I try to open my Facebook application via android mobile and iOS.

then complete your login or sign up processes, now in this home page section

you can press that create post section, and it is mentioned as “Write something

create a poll on Facebook android mobile and iOS

Here”, so you can select it, and in the bottom, it shows some post related features, but you can select “Poll” and then click.

Question and in bottom it shows options 1 & 2. You can type your answer in this option section, so here my question is yes or no type, so I try to enter “Yes” and “No.” Once your item is ready

Finally, select your polling time, which means that how many days this poll is visible in your timeline. But here I try to choose one day only, so once the overall process is completed, finally click to share this post in your timeline.

And then you can see my poll is now ready, so friends you can post your answers. Finally, this trick works very smoothly. So, this is the way you can easily make your Facebook polls.

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