how to copy and paste on mac

how to copy and paste on mac two simple methods and both very quick, you’ll be doing this in absolutely in no time whatsoever, so I’m using the text editor to copy this text across to this document here so with that said let’s highlight and select the text, I’m simply clicking and dragging across the text so it’s now selected.

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first method

how to copy and paste on mac command + C
command C

how to copy and paste on mac the first method the keyboard very similar to Windows on, Windows you will use a ctrl + C to copy on a Mac you use command + C so the command key is right here it says command on it command C it is copied into the buffer

how to copy and paste on mac command  V
command V

you come across to your new document and to paste you do a command V on Windows is ctrl V, but on a Mac is command V so we did command V like so very simple very quick and easy, just remember it’s command rather than control.

second method

how to copy and paste on mac the second method is with the keyboard and what you will do is happy text select selected and right click on the mouse pad, which is using two fingers good luck sir well

let me select it again, two fingers like so and you get the context menu go to copy come close to your new document right click again two fingers and you’ll see on the context menu paste simply click paste and that completes the job.

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