How to Become a Video Game Tester

Everyone always been asking How to Become a Video Game Tester. And We always tell them, like, through hard work. And if you could, if you’re a hard worker, you can do it too. It’s not that hard. And it’s very easy. And We will explain it to you like.

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What is Video Game Tester?

Video Game Testing involves playing a game before it’s released and recording errors bugs, framerate in consistencies in entertainment value. Similar to starting out in the mailroom or an intern. Becoming an in house Video Game Tester is said to be a good way to start a career in the triple A game industry.

The benefits of starting this way are mainly due to the fact it offers you the opportunity to network within the company. Additionally, many companies will post their jobs and hire in house before posting their job opportunities to the public, which can allow qualified candidates within the studio and opportunity to ascend to a more desirable position.

Video Game Tester and Quality Assurance

Video Game Tester and Quality Assurance or QA for short, are vital parts of the game development process, and they are responsible for playing, testing and finding defects in the game. In some cases, early testing begins at the pre production phase by testing prototypes and new features.

But more often than not, Video Game Tester usually begin their work later in the production phase after a playable game build is available. Once testing begins, Video Game Tester and QA are involved until the end of the development process even well after the production phase has officially ended. In fact, they’re often the last people to finish working on the game.

Quality Assurance. QA or Quality Assurance is often confused with Video Game Testing. However, unlike testing, QA involves establishing and adhering to standards and procedures for game development. QA his main roles and responsibilities include ensuring the game meets the design, programming and code standards set by the game developer, as well as process monitoring and product evaluation.

The roles of QA and Video Game Tester are often combined in many studios, and depending on the studio size and budget, QA or Video Game Testing sometimes both will be outsourced. Since Video Game Testers are exposed to all aspects of game development, the testing department is a good starting point into a career in the game development industry.

There is no formal training or experience needed for a Video Game Tester position. In general, testers are people who enjoy playing games have an eye for detail and have the ability to analyze problems and articulate them. Video Game Testers should have good writing and oral communication skills so they can clearly describe a bug to the developers.

Video Game Tester Salary

Before you decide whether you want to be a Video Game Tester, just keep in mind that the starting pay will be very, very low. How Much Does a Video Game Tester Make, maybe $40,000 a year, like it’s not skyrocketing high. And We can promise you that you will absolutely love this job.

You get to play video games, and you get to get paid. check this out. If you work hard enough as a Video Game Tester, for like a big major game company, you don’t have to stay in the same position, you could move up and get paid higher. But the benefit is that you get to work at a video game company and you get to do whatever you want.

What Education Do Video Game Tester Need?

You want to become a Video Game Tester, Look at the Education Requirements, you have to be at least 18 years of age, good problem solving skills. That’s very important as a Video Game Tester and excellent written and verbal communication.

Reason why they asking you that is because you’re going to be looking for bugs glitches and see what works and what not works. The one thing that bothers the most is the fact that they’re asking that you have a college degree. And We think that’s bullshit, you do not need a college degree to look for glitches and bugs.

Video Game Tester Jobs 2022

Video Game Tester Jobs 2022 can be a great way to enter into the game industry. The great thing about being in Video Game Tester Jobs is that you get exposed to all aspects of production of games. So you learn about art, you learn about code, you learn about game design.

Often if you’re diligent, and you’re good to work with and you have some amount of humility, you’ll develop a rapport with the developers in the organization and get an opportunity to move up one day.

Video Game Tester Jobs 2022 From Home

How to Become a Video Game Tester: Video Game Tester Jobs From Home

Video Game Tester Jobs 2022 From Home and start getting paid to play games. Did you know people make money just by testing games. You can get paid to play games. You can get paid to try new games, gaming consoles, controllers or other products.

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