How to Become a Freelance Writer with NO Experience

This post for you all about How to Become a Freelance Writer with NO Experience, How to Start Freelance Writing with NO Experience. If you have zero experience this step by step Freelance Writing and Writer process you are going to learn perfect for beginners here.

If you’re somebody who likes creating content, and is already writing on social media platforms or writing your own more than freelance writing is an excellent business for you. If you’re curious about starting your career as a freelance writer online, and you want to start making money from those writing skills, this is the post for you.

Why You want to Become a Freelance Writer

The first thing that you should do if you’re considering a career in freelance writing, is to establish your why. why do you want to become a freelance writer, having a passion for writing or loving to write is a great reason to become a freelance writer. Also, if you want to create your own schedule, and work from home, freelance writing could be a great option for you.

Another reason to become a freelance writer is that there are endless opportunities to grow. So there isn’t a cap on how much money you can make. And you can really be in charge of your own business. But the bottom line is, if you don’t like to write freelance writing is not for you.

A common misconception about freelance writing is that it’s an easy job, and it is not at all, it takes a lot of hard work. And it’s definitely not something that you’ll make a ton of money doing that first. But establishing why you want to be a freelance writer is really, really important to keep yourself going.

Become a Freelance Writer by Setting Goals

Become a Freelance Writer by Setting Goals

Another way that you should be motivating yourself is by setting goals. But there are good goals and bad goals.

An example of a bad goal is something like I want to become a successful freelance writer. Sure, that’s great. And I’m sure you want to do that. But it’s so vague, and it’s not going to keep you motivated.

Examples of good goals include I want to earn $500 a month within four months, or I want to get five long term clients and four months of freelance writing. What makes these goals good is that they are very specific, they have a time range and that they are achievable.

Establishing why you want to be a freelance writer and then setting freelance writing goals for yourself is going to move you forward. When the writing gets tough. The truth is, you’re going to get a lot of rejections and that’s okay, everybody does. But you have to find a way to motivate yourself and keep pushing forward.

Start Freelance Writing by Choosing Your Niche

The next thing that you should do when starting a freelance writing career is choosing your niche. your niche is simply what you are writing about. And finding a freelance writing niche can be really hard.

Some popular freelance writing niches include:

  • Business to Business Writing (B2B Writing)
  • Finance Writing
  • Health and Wellness Writing
  • Pet Writing

But then you also have to choose what kind of things you’re going to write these include:

  • Long Term Blog Posts
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies

Something that is commonly confused in freelance writing is the difference between copywriting and content writing.

Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing:

  • Copywriting: The main difference here is that Copywriting is writing for sales. So in Copywriting, you’re trying to get the reader to trust the brand that you’re working with, so that they’ll buy a product.
  • Content Writing: Content Writing is more like blog writing for entertainment purposes.

When choosing your niche to consider 2 things:

  1. Choose something you’re knowledgeable and who don’t want to pick something where you don’t know anything about it, because it’s not going to be helpful to the reader or your client, you want to be knowledgeable enough in the subject to be able to write a ton of stuff about it.
  2. Make sure what you’re writing about is enjoyable. If you’re not passionate about what you’re writing about, it’s going to be really, really hard to keep going and you’re not going to be motivated to write anymore. The whole point of freelance writing is that you’re doing something you love. So write about something that you enjoy writing about.

If a client is looking for a freelance writer to write about travel, they aren’t going to choose just a general freelance writer, they’re going to want to choose somebody that specializes in travel clients want experts in what they’re writing about, not somebody who can just generally talk about the subject. So it’s beneficial to both you and your client to choose a specific writing niche.

Set Up a Writing Portfolio Website to Become a Freelance Writer

You should do if you want to become a freelance writer is to set up your writing portfolio. Most of the time a writing portfolio will be in the form of a website, you can set up a website on WordPress Squarespace or something like that. And create your own freelance writing website or a general blog for yourself.

Your website or portfolio is going to be where you showcase your work. Clients are going to want to see this to see if they want to hire you or not. It’s really really important to have a portfolio because it makes you look much more credible. And it’s going to make clients want to choose you over other writers.

If you don’t have a freelance writing portfolio, the clients not going to choose you to write for them. And you don’t want to put just anything on your writing portfolio or website. You want to showcase your best work. If a client goes to your website and clicks on a random piece and it happens to be the piece that you’re not so proud of. Well then they’re not going to choose you so make sure you’re always up uploading your best work to your website

The samples that you upload to your website should be in the niche that you chose. If a client goes to your website and see that everything is about the same thing, they’re going to think you’re really knowledgeable in it and want to hire you.

Also, you should be frequently uploading content to your portfolio, because your latest works are often your best. As you continue writing, you’re gaining skills and you’re getting better.

You want to showcase the better work, your portfolio on your website should look very clean and simple. If there’s too much going on, or it looks messy, a client will automatically be deterred from you. And you don’t want that even if your writing is really good. If you have a messy portfolio, it’s just going to look bad on you.

Write Samples to Become a Freelance Writer

Clients are going to want to see samples in your portfolio that are in your specific niche. writing samples is as easy as writing a simple blog post for your website in your sample writers are going to want to see that you are conversational, engaging and informational. This is pretty typical and standard and all freelance writing niches.

If your samples don’t grab the reader’s attention and engage them, it’s not going to be interesting and the client is not going to choose you. writing good samples is also a great way for your client to know that you are a legit freelance writer, not somebody who just writes on the side in terms of how long your sample should be.

Content Mills for Freelance Writer

Content Mills for Freelance Writer

Content Mills kindaiffy to get started on and not great for long term freelance writers. Content Mills basically act as a middleman between you and the client. But they often take a chunk of the money and they are most of the time not high paying at all sure. Content Mills great for practice but they are not beneficial.

Here is a List Content Mills:

Job Boards for Freelance Writer

The best freelance writing job boards out there. Job boards are updated multiple times throughout the week, and they only accept clients that are willing to pay a good amount for writers to write for them.

Here are Freelance Writing Job Boards:

The problem with job boards is that they get a lot of people applying for those jobs, so you’re less likely to get the client to choose you unless you have a lot of experience. If you get lucky you can get really good clients of these job boards .

Another thing about job boards is that you’re going to want to make sure you’re checking them frequently. Since so many writers apply for these jobs, you’re going to want to be one of the first ones that contacts these clients. This way you’ll get a better chance of them hiring you.

Use LinkedIn to Find a Job as a Freelance Writer

New freelance writer you fill out and optimize your LinkedIn profile. What you want to do is you want to go on to your LinkedIn profile. And you want to make sure that you have your freelancing writing niche in your headline.

You can also include a few additional keywords:

  • Content Marketer
  • Content Strategist
  • Blogger

Because LinkedIn is a super searchable platform by people are typing in those keywords all the times into the search bar. So you want to make sure that your profile comes up all those keywords that are related to your freelancing business.

Few other things that you want to make sure that you are doing on LinkedIn as a freelance writer is that you are connecting with marketing managers, because those are usually the people that are going to be hiring freelance writers.

You want to make sure that you are connecting with those people and make sure that they are in your niche, you want to be super relevant so that you stand out to them, and really start nurturing that relationship with them. And then lastly, you can also use LinkedIn publisher to your advantage.

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