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HireWriters Review: Chances are you want to make money writing or you are probably a website owner looking for website content and we are ready to show you the tips and tricks to get the top-notch content at a cheap price. If you are looking to make money as a writer, we will show you how the site works and legit alternatives to make money. let us get into this HireWriters Review.

What is HireWriters?

HireWriters is a company that connects writers with clients. You can make money by writing articles, Facebook fan page posts, eBooks and many more. You can also pay to get articles, eBooks and other content written for you. Clients post projects directly on the word board. You as a writer, you have the freedom to choose any projects you like and start working on it.

HireWriters: Services and Offers


The first one is the registration process. If you want to sign up for HireWriters needs to be a native English speaker from the United States of America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand these Countries. To get accepted by the site you need to pass a grammar test. Do not be scared by this test this is usually five minutes long and all they ask you some basic Grammar questions.

Sometimes they might ask you to write a 500-word essay and talk about something for example: They might ask you to talk about your favorite Country and why you want to visit it. Maybe the challenge is the limited time because they usually give you five minutes to eight minutes to finish the test. This can make a bit anxious but it is doable. If you pass the test you will be notified by HireWriters via email within a few days. After you get accepted you will be able to immediately start applying for gigs and make money writing.

Ranking System

HireWriters level

The HireWriters Ranking System new members are always considered as beginners. Beginners will not make a lot of money because content seekers are looking for skilled and expert writers to Make Money with HireWriters you need to achieve the skilled or expert level to achieve such levels. You need to work hard in the beginning.

And make sure that you put your best so you got people to give you positive reviews and ratings. Yes, that is right you guessed it you need to get positive reviews to get a higher writer status at HireWriters. If you are an accident writer and the clients love your content, it would not be very easy for you to reach the experts level and earn up to $30 per article.

Make Money with HireWriters

If you want to Make Money online HireWriters is a great site that pays you to write you can make anywhere from $2 to $30 per article. It all depends on how good you are at writing will HireWriters is not the highest paying website. The good thing about it is the fact that it is easy to get accepted as a writer.

If you have tried applying for writing jobs online you probably know how 80% of them are just so fussy. Most of them even require you to own a website to get accepted. That is why like HireWriters because they allow everyone to Make Money writing.

HireWriters have a test but it is simple. They just want to make sure that your grammar and writing is not terrible. When you join HireWriters, you will be considered a newbie writer, so the earnings are going to be low. You can expect to earn in the beginning something like $2 per article for 300 to 500-word articles. But as you build your reputation as a writer within Besides, your earnings will increase as well.

The HireWriters Affiliate Program another great way to Make Money with HireWriters is to refer people to their websites you will earn 10% for every sale you deliver. If you want to sign up as a HireWriters Affiliate, just sign up to their Affiliate Program you can make a full-time income by just promoting HireWriters to other people. HireWriters will pay you every Friday. But to request a payment you need to earn at least $10. Moreover, payments are made through PayPal.

HireWriters Features:

1. Easy to Use & Interface

The first one is the Simple and Easy to Use Interface there is nothing confusing about the platform, the whole HireWriters site is so easy to navigate. For example, if you want to order an article, all you must do is click a button and fill the form but choosing the right category and adding all the details and requirements for your article.

2. Pricing

HireWriters Review: Pricing

Another reason We love HireWriters is the affordable Prices they offer. We know you might get scared by the affordable Prices, thinking the quality of the content must be low, since it is cheap. But that is not the case. Because if you give clear instructions to the writers, they will offer you good content.

3. Native English Speakers

The third one is the fact that you can get content from Native English Speakers. Yes, since HireWriters only accepts members that are Native English Speakers who are going to get content that is not written with severe Grammatical Mistakes.

4. Payment

The fourth one is the fact that you will only pay when you love the article. Yes, when you submit an article request into HireWriters a random writer will start working on it. When they finish the writing you will receive a notification you will have the ability to read the article but you can copy paste it or anything. Because it is protected with a watermark.

You can receive the article only when you accept it. The good thing about HireWriters is that you can ask your writer to re edit the posts until it meets your standards. Once you are satisfied you can accept the article and the Money will be sent to the writer.

5. Favorite Writers

The next one is the you can Favorite Writers this is a good feature because it allows you to favorite your writers and find them quickly when you need another article.

6. Add Funds to Your Accounts

The next one is that you can easily Add Funds to Your Accounts. HireWriters allows you to easily top up your accounts with the money which you will use to pay writers. HireWriters have a sort of an escrow system which protects you and the writers. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10 which can buy you an article from an expert writer. You can pay using PayPal your credit card or even Bitcoin.

7. Managed Services

The last one is the HireWriters Managed Services in the past you could only order single articles or eBooks now you can hire a HireWriters manager. If you want to outsource a part of your business, let us say your email marketing for example, you can hire someone to do it for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Another example is that you can hire a writer to do all the content creation for you and those directly on your website.

Disadvantages of HireWriters

  • The writers have a low pay rate many writers say that HireWriters are taking advantage of them and they are writing this makes sense since you are getting articles for cheap prices that means that the writers are not paying well.
  • The next one is the locked accounts and writers not getting paid.
  • Another common complaint is about the writer accounts getting locked. But most of the lot’s accounts belong to writers that do not respect the HireWriters Terms of Service.
  • The last one is that some writers are complete cheaters. Yes, unfortunately, there are many cheaters or HireWriters.

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