18 best google URL shortener alternatives (make money)

18 best google url shortener alternatives website to make money online. Basically a url shortener website is help us to shortening long or ugly looking url to a short and good looking url.

For the purpose of sharing good looking links on internet, You know what sharing links become a habit for internet users, we always share links with our friends especially on twitter, facebook, google plus, youtube etc social networks.

Some bloggers or other people also sharing download links in their blog website or through emails as well. So why not to make some money by sharing those links, no matter whether anywhere or anytime.

The money you can earn it with it is depending on how much you work, If you show a good interest in what you do, i can really say easily you earn a huge amount of money.

But don’t think about just making money at least at this point. forget about setting goals focus on this instead. Well then i can assure you that you will earn big. so let’s talk about some technical side.

In this method of making money you need to just convert short links from any links and share them anywhere to earn money online. When anyone click on your given shortener url they will see a five second ad, then it will redirect to the original destination.

The fact is majority of people want care waiting five seconds. By this way the company can pay you. Pay rate may very depend up on the companies i mean it’s depends on which shortener website you sing up with or from which geographical location were your links get clicks.

Any way depending up on the companies they generally pays in between one to ten dollar per thousand monetized views on your url. It may sounds small but just think for a second.

How many people use facebook? over one billion people using facebook on a daily basis. can you believe it 1/7 of the world population. If you could get even a small portion of facebook users click on your links. You could be earn huge amount of money.

18 best google url shortener alternatives

These companies also provides referral system. Means if anyone joins with your referral link, then you will also get about 20% commission equals to what they earned. But it won’t referrals anyway. So these are the common things that you wanna know before joining any paid url shortener website out there!

So site back and relax. Its time to reveal the 18 best google url shortener alternatives website to make money online. Stay tune, let’s start countdown.


google url shortener alternatives adfly

adfly is one of the most popular and trusted url shortening company out there. Just register for an account and start shrinking urls. You can also create multiple links or full page scripts for your website or blog and turn them to gigantic money flow for you.

You will get paid when anyone visit one your url. With adfly you can earn up to six to ten dollar per thousand views to your shorten links, Which is a good deal for most of us.

Payment method via Payza, Paypal, Payoneer or Alertpay. Minimum payout five dollar by Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, and Alertpay. Referral earning rate 20% for a life time.


google url shortener alternatives linkbucks

linkbuck offer user to make money every time by converting and sharing shortener links. You can share your link bucks links anywhere you want. Such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Blog, Website etc.

You can create or convert single shortener links, multiple links or a full page script that turns your blog or website in to a cash machine, if you have a lot traffic. Linkbucks is a number one competitor of adfly.

it can pays you, one to five dollars per thousand links views and minimum pay out, is 10 dollar.Payment method via Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, referral earning rate 20 percentage commission for life time.



Bc.vc is a modern url shortener website where user can make good money. in the easy easiest way. You can get paid by sharing your links on the internet. Just register for an account, Start shrink url and make money.

For every person that visit your url and you will get paid. With bc. vc you can earn about 4 dollar per thousand views. And from there referral program you can also earn, extra 10 percentage commission for the life time.

for their referrals. Payment method via Paypal or Ibann. Minimum payout 10 dollar through Paypal or ibank.


google url shortener alternatives L2S.pet

L2S.pet this is one of the highest paying URL shortener website you can earn up to fifteen dollars for thousand views you can easily start earning money by shortning URLs minimum payout five dollars you can earn twenty one percentage Commission when you refer your friend


google url shortener alternatives Shortzon

Shortzon is the highest paying URL site for India it pays thirteen dollars for United States and from the United Kingdom you can earn $12 for thousand views and the best thing about Shortzon is you can withdraw your money on daily basis
Shortzon also has a referral program so you can earn twenty percentage Commission when you refer your friend

6.clicks fly

google url shortener alternatives clicks fly

click fly is one of the best and highest paying URL shortener site so you can earn hundred and fifty dollars for ten thousand views click fly referral program gives twenty percentage referral bonus and it offers low minimum payout so when you reach three dollars you can withdraw your money through PayPal


google url shortener alternatives adfoc

Adfoc.us is a free shortener url service. you can get paid for links you share on the internet. You can place links on your blog, website, social media, forms, youtube and more. You can get 2 to 5 dollar per thousand views on your shortener url.

The minimum payout is 10 dollar which is quite high then the other url shortener companies out there. And you can also get commission from referral system. It is a us based company and give very high rates in US and UK.

so if your links get clicks form US or UK based visitor, then you will get paid. higher in rates. It has also an advertiser program for your blog or website. Payment method via paypal or bitcoin.


google url shortener alternatives ouo

ouo.io is a fastest growing new network with amazing feature and services. Ouo.io is offer up to 5 dollar per thousand views, and they guaranty for minimum 1.50 dollar per thousand views. Payment methods via Paypal, Payza, TC. Minimum payout is 5 dollar.


google url shortener alternatives Ally

Ally is another url shortening service to make money. Ally offers rate between one to ten dollar for different regions. Ally having a three different account format, in basic one is free and other with advance feature are premium.Ally is also have referral program. where they provide 20% commission rate.

Payment methods via paypal, Skrill, Payza or Payoneer. Minimum payout is one dollar via Paypal or Payza and twenty dollar via Payoneer or Skrill.


google url shortener alternatives adyoume

Adyou.me is another url shortening company which pays. create an account and share your urls on the websites, blogs, social media, forms etc. And you will get paid. Adyou.me pays one to three dollar per thousand views.

You will get paid by sharing your links on the web. you can register free on adyou.me and earn money online without any skill just buy share your links. You can also get commission form your referrals, commission percentage unknown. Payment method via Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Payoneer, CashU, Vodafone money or Wire transfer.


google url shortener alternatives Victly

Victly is another url shortening service, they provide mass url shrink, and page script for creating short urls. Victly is new founded and fastest growing service with good interface. They pay minimum five to ten dollar per thousand views.
Payment methods via Paypa, and Minimum payout is 10 dollar.

12.link shrink.net

google url shortener alternatives link shrink

link shrink.net is also popular url shortening website that allow user to make money any time anywhere, when anyone clicks and views your shortener links. Linkshrink pays about 2 to 5 dollar per thousand views.

And though referral program you can get 10% commission from the user you referred. That means, If you referred 10 users to linkshrink and if each one of them earn two dollar daily, then you will be earning a total of 4 dollar daily without any effort at all. Payment option via Paypal or Payza.


google url shortener alternatives shorte.st

shorte.st is a new url shortening service website with more creative ideas. And the important point is that, you can use their word plus plugin and make money with the links in very ways.

shorte.st will pay you five to twelve dollar per thousand views for promoting their shortener links. Your payment will be sent automatically on the 10th day of each month.

Payment method via Paypal or Payoneer minimum payout five dollar though Paypal or twenty dollar Payoneer. Referral earning rate 20% commission on referrals for life time.


google url shortener alternatives link.tl

link.tl is a shorten URL company based on Turkey it gives higher CPM rate you can earn twenty dollars for United State visitors and for Canada you can earn $15 and United Kingdom also $15 minimum threshold ten dollars you will receive ten percentage Commission when you refer new user to this site


google url shortener alternatives linkzfly

linkzfly is the best and highest paying URL shortner publishers can earn 3 to 13 dollars per thousand views depending on the country minimum payout five dollars they have different payment methods such as PayPal Skrill bank transfer Paytm payment method for Bangladesh you can earn 20% referral bonus when you refer visitors to this platform


google url shortener alternatives UIZ.io

UIZ.io this is the fast-growing short link URL site to make money online this ad networks gives higher CPM rate and 30% affiliate commission it supports a wide range of payment methods such as PayPal web money bitcoin bank transfer and e payment


google url shortener alternatives dwindly

dwindly is another best URL shortnen tool to earn money you can easily create your account and then start shortning any URLs you want it provides three to nine dollars four thousand views the scripts and API allows due to and through your website you can also increase earning by using referral program


google url shortener alternatives Cutt.ly

Cutt.ly’s gonna be a great option. It’s free. It is ad supported, so you’ll see several ads throughout the interface. But it’s pretty robust for being a free service

18 best google url shortener alternatives list of highest paying url shortener websites to make money online. of cause there are different opinion as well. If you have any query or suggestion please comment it below,

we love to here them. You can choose anyone’s website to earn a lot of money just by sharing your links anywhere anytime one social sites, blog or website, etc.

why I say this is the best method because this way even a basic Internet user can make money online even they don’t have a blog or website.

If you are looking for best website Just for direct url shortener, not for making money then i highly recommend you to use Goo.gl which is a google url link shortener website and bit.ly another non paid popular shortener website.

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