best fastest web hosting solution

I will guide you through how to choose the Best fastest web hosting Solution for your website on either CMS as WordPress Joomla or Drupal

Fastest web hosting


price a website that has less than 1,000 visits per day and receives low traffic will work well on shared plans of up to $5

basic requirements

basic requirements to install WordPress or any other CMS your web hosting package has to support at least one database and one domain installation under Linux platform most of the companies offer these


options domain www site address no rush with buying a domain the majority of companies will give it to you for free

website speed

website speed some companies offer an SSD hosting which you should try SSD provides a faster processing of data than usual HDD test any web speed we have developed the speed test tool for you use a CDN service content delivery network allows to serve content anywhere in the world some companies offer it for free we also recommend you try paid CDN with advanced features

disk space

disk space most of the companies offer the unlimited disk space which means you can upload unlimited data plus if you’re planning to host several websites there is no need to buy another hosting package choose the package that allows you to create several MySQL databases and connect domains

control panels

control panels if you are a newbie in the field of hosting we recommend you a hosting with cPanel that is quite intuitive and simple kind of control panel for managing your hosting

tech support

tech support a technical support has to be 24/7 and preferably by means of live chat ticket systems email and phone


security big and reliable companies usually take good care of their servers some of them can offer you free and paid antivirus protection an anti DDoS attack protection backups don’t forget to backup your data, not all the companies will keep your backup, however, there is a number of companies who will not only keep your backup but also they will do it for you and for free

extra features

extra features vouchers many companies can provide you with advertising vouchers for Adwords and Facebook don’t miss that site transfer when you are migrating your website from one hosting to another

ask your new provider to transfer it for you they will gladly help you with this process one-click app installation you will find this app in your cpanel due to it you will be able to install any CMS in one-click money-back guarantee check the information on official websites about their money back guarantee service in this case

you will know how long you can test the hosting and claim for a money back in case of dissatisfaction of company services for the programmers pay your attention to PHP version database types and server-side scripting languages support the FTP access comes in most packages but SSH isn’t always included hosting reviews breathe

the hosting reviews on our website to find out other clients experiences with different hosting companies coupons and discounts pickup host provides many of discount coupons so you are free to use them to save a few bucks when buying a web hosting we wish you the best of luck in choosing the right with pickup host

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