How to Set Up Clickmeter Tracking (3 Steps)

How to set up clickmeter tracking to create a new tracking pixel.

How to Set Up Clickmeter Tracking (3 Steps)

STEP1: login to your Clickmeter account.

create clickmeter tracking pixels

STEP2: go to the Create New button at the top right portion of the screen, then select the tracking pixel.

  • Now fill out the form given the page.
  • Select the campaign in which you want to include the tracking pixel. You can also create a new campaign from here.
  • Give a friendly name to your tracking pixel to identify among the list of tracking pixels.
  • You can also use these additional options but for now we are not using them.

STEP3: Now click on the Create pixel button to create your clickmeter tracking pixel.

Here we go. Your new clickmeter tracking pixel has been successfully created.

ClickMeter: The SMartest way to track clicks and conversions

You may now copy this code and paste it within the body section of the HTML code of the page that you want to track.

reports clickmeter tracking pixels

You can access the tracking pixel from reports tracking pixels. You can see how many people visited your page or opened your email.

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