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  • It’s easy to make a game with Buildbox.
  • Helpful tutorials to get you started.
  • Buildbox is always being updated.


  • Not enough for the little details.
  • Making games is not easy.

Buildbox is a no code mobile game platform for you to create games. Buildbox is specifically made to create 3d and 2d mobile games without coding. And what we really like about this platform is the onboarding is excellent to teach you the basic mechanics of how to create mobile games.

Buildbox if you’re trying to create a wide array of games, such as trivia games, 2d games, racing games, all these different components, there are award winning games, found a built on Buildbox. In this post Buildbox Review.

What is Buildbox?

Buildbox if your app idea is, has a high emphasis on gamification or making a game out of something where it’s trivia, you’re tracking something, you’re gamifying it, you can do a lot like on Buildbox, you can have it the person have an avatar level up all those things just like a video game. Again, you have all of those mechanics on Buildbox. Buildbox is made for this also to just like different freemium games in the you know in the Google Play Store, Apple store, you can have in app payments, based on certain functionalities in buildbox.

Ease of Use

Buildbox they have so many different tutorials for you to understand the functionality to start something in 3d in 2d and tutorials based on Popular Mechanics of games. It’s really Ease of Use now we will say one thing with Buildbox that we’ve seen so far, it depends on what kind of system you’re using for it to be proficient and for you to do this right now. But again, they’re onboarding if you’re using PC and you’re trying to learn game development, especially for mobile platforms it’s great.


The world that shocked with the release of changes to Buildbox. Buildbox pricing model changed in a way you can’t imagine such as unlimited scenes and worlds for Buildbox.

Buildbox going for a 70% revenue share, which means that 70% of the money you make using the buildbox codeless engine goes to buildbox. Now their wording here was a little bit weird because they didn’t say free tier, they went with default commission.

We think that was kind of their being purposely ambiguous in how this works. But if you look at the pricing structure here, default is the revenue share here. Now if they just said 70%, here, 30% there and 10%. There, it would have been clear as all could be right now it is clear as mud.

Buildbox Pricing:

  • Buildbox 3: Free – $0, Plus – $189.99/Annual, Pro – $499.99/Year
  • Buildbox Classic: Free – $0, Plus – $89.99/Annual, Pro – $224.99/Year

Note: Keep in mind that the Prices of Buildbox varies from time to time.


Here are Buildbox Features:

  • Worlds (Unlimited)
  • Scenes (Unlimited)
  • Export to Mobile & Desktop
  • Export to Buildbox World
  • Customizable Splash Screen
  • Custom Ad Networks
  • In-App Purchases
  • Revenue Earned from Apple App Store
  • Revenue Earned from Google Play Store
  • Adbox Monetization

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