Create An App Or Game with Build Box

learn how to create an app through the build box, especially how to make games because they are fun and fun to play and fun to make also I knew that making a game would still have the potential to be a very profitable business but I was never sure exactly where to start were you supposed to just open a text document and start coding

I wasn’t really sure eventually what I found out is that most game developers and app developers use what’s called a game engine which is basic software that gives you all the tools you need to start working on your creation

some of the most popular game engines are unreal engine cry engine and unity but these all require coding and are a little bit more complicated and if you have no experience with coding it could be a long time before you actually see

Build Box

your game making progress lucky for us there’s a game engine that I found that is specifically for beginners it’s very easy to use and has no coding involved and it’s called Build Box the creators of build box made it really easy for anybody to get started

so if you’re a teenager or if you’re retired you can still build an app so the creator of the game color switch used build box to create his game and he said once he had the idea for the game it only took him about a week for him to create it and color switch went on to get over 150 million downloads that made me realize that there is potential here

I was pretty amazed to see how many successful games were actually built with this so I want to try it out for myself and I did the day that I got build box I started working on my app I’m still working on it now and it’s actually really fun to do mainly because I don’t have to do any coding and it just allows my creativity to flourish

so I want to show you how to build box actually works so you can get a better understanding of it this is the screen that you get when you first launch it and it’s really easy to use so if you’re new and you want to start making a game you

just click create new you can name your game set it for portrait or landscape set the score type and right here is a really helpful feature so these are just general themes of popular games that have been released before and you can simply pick one of these and it will build a game for you

already kind of like the skeleton for your app and all you have to do is use your creativity to make levels and change the characters up a little bit and the enemies and whatnot so what I want to do is just a simple platformer right here in this section you can pick what menus you’re going to want in your game so yeah

I want to pause button a game over screen coin shop and an info tab and for game type you can do single world or multi-world so a single world would kind of be like flappy birds where it’s just straight you’re always in the same world multi-world would kind of be like Angry Birds

where you beat a level and you’ll move on to different worlds so I just want to do a single world and you can make it endless or you can make it an end scene which is pretty much like your game is beatable like somebody could finish your game get an ending cutscene and be done most of the time people will choose endlessly and then you just click on create and here you go

this is the build box interface it looks a little complicated at first but it’s super easy and you’ll see if you actually ever get this you’ll see how easy it is so right now you can see they’ve already built a game for me I can go up here and click on preview and right away

I can start playing a game so build box pretty much did all the hard work for you and all you have to do is go into your game and start designing levels just click and drag things if you want a certain image you can click it from your desktop drag it into here and make it a character or an enemy or a platform or background so here I’ll give you an idea if I want to change my white ball character to something else

I just take an image to drop it in over here it’ll show up pretty big you can just use these controls to make it the size you want to just got to keep in mind that this will be played on a phone

so don’t make it too small where somebody can’t see it and there you go like as simple as that I mean the possibilities are endless I’m not actually building a real game right here this is just to show you an example and to me this is really fun I’ve been making my own game I can’t wait for it to be finished to show you guys so stay tuned for that.

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