15 Best URL Shortener Websites

Google Announced they would be Discontinuing their popular URL Shortener Service. This Best URL Shortener Alternatives that you can use. But first, let’s go into what the Google announcement means as many of you may be using it already. So some key dates here are April 13 2018.

If you’re not currently using the Google URL Shortener, you want to be able to sign up for a new account past that date for current users, you can continue using the URL Shortener until March 30 of 2019, the links in the shortener will work indefinitely as they do plan to continue to redirect to the intended destination even after March 30 of 2019.

Anyways, what are your alternatives, there are plenty of alternatives, a lot of them are very good, offering different things like analytics on the back end. So we’re going to explain at some free ones, some paid ones, and just various other ways that we can shorten our URL.

What is a URL Shortener?

URL Shortener is a Website or Software tool that can Shrink and Trim down a long URL link is provide you Tracking and Details of Analysts.

15 Best URL Shortener Services 2022

15 Best URL Shortener Services will help you shorten a very long link so that it’s more aesthetically pleasing, it’s easier for someone to actually manually type into the browser, these helps with your branding and improves your click through rate.

1. Cuttly

Best URL Shortener: Cuttly

Cuttly URL Shortener is gonna be a great option It’s free. It is Ad Supported, so you’ll see several Ads throughout the interface. But it’s pretty robust for being a free service.

Cuttly the best free URL shortener with Cuttly you don’t need to sign up for an account to create free short links with a custom alias or link name. You can even track how many clicks your link gets without an account. But if you need more detailed statistics and other features, consider signing up for an account it’s free.

2. TinyURL

Best URL Shortener: TinyURL

TinyURL is maybe the oldest URL Shortener out there, but it hasn’t changed much since it started. with TinyURL. You don’t need to sign up for an account to create free TinyURL with custom aliases. In fact, TinyURL has no account options whatsoever, not paid or free.

How to Make URL Shortener with TinyURL

  • The first step is Copy the link you want.
  • Then second step open a Web Browser tab type tinyurl.com that will be the second step.
  • Third step is you’re going to paste your link and click make TinyURL and after that this will be your new url, the link is short.

3. PixelMe

Best URL Shortener: PixelMe

PixelMe offers everything that Bitly offers, but more, not only will they help you to shorten your links, but they also embed pixel in each and every one of their links. That means that whoever clicks on your link will be pixeled. And you can now retarget them with retargeting ads on Facebook or Instagram, YouTube, whatever marketing platform you wish to use.

PixelMe is a big company. They’ve helped over 20,000 Amazon sellers send people to Amazon through paid ads or social media posts, and later retarget, those same people, they’ve worked with big companies like Procter and Gamble, Gucci and Sephora.

And not only will they pixel each link, but you can also brand each link. So that means that if you own your own domain name, you can actually insert your domain name into the link, so that it just looks more professional, it helps with your branding, it also helps with your click through rate. In addition to that, they custom track everything.

Every link that’s clicked will be tracked. And that’s going to help you to evaluate to measure to see the success of those links, which Instagram posts was more successful, which promotion was more successful, which Facebook ad converted better. And they also allow you to create a custom audience with every URL.

4. Rebrandly

Best URL Shortener: Rebrandly

Rebrandly is the industry leading link management platform to brand track and share short URLs using a custom domain name. Now this is the difference between sites like TinyURL or Bitly. Instead of them using their brand to drive traffic to your links, you’re able to use your own domain.

Not only can you brand it with your website, but you can actually use multiple domain names. If you are running a Facebook ad, or you are running a podcast ad or an Instagram ad, and you want to see which URL is generating the most business, the most leads for your organization, you can go inside of Rebrandly and create special links for your campaign.

Rebrandly they offer a free level. Now it gives you the fast redirects, which means someone types in whatever link you make up, and it redirects the traffic. And it will track up to 5000 clicks per month, absolutely free, you can have up to 500 branded links and up to 5 custom domain names for free.

5. Bitly

Best URL Shortener: Bitly

Bitly URL Shortener, businesses can create, share and track powerful branded links for every form of communication. Bitly makes it easy to search for, select and set up the perfect custom domain for your brand in minutes.

Bitly is perhaps the most well known URL shortener. You don’t need to sign up for a Bitly account to create short links. However, if you want a custom alias for your links, or statistics, then you have to sign up for a free account. The free account option also provides you with much more detailed statistics for tracking your links.

6. ClickMeter

Best URL Shortener: ClickMeter

ClickMeter is actually easier to understand, basically, what the software allows you to do is monitor and track your traffic sources. So you know which ones are working better than others. And then you can scale up the campaigns where you’re seeing your efforts actually paying off. So it makes more sense.

ClickMeter is a much more user friendly platform. So you don’t like need to know code, or you don’t have to have really any type of technical knowledge in order to run this. But it may be overwhelming, the user interface may be overwhelming. But it’s easier to Google Analytics, ClickMeter is probably one of the easier affiliate tracking platforms that’s out there.

ClickMeter also allow you to create your own URL Shortener link using your own domain name, because that helps with the branding. And your domain doesn’t look ugly, because even like a tiny URL. So you’re allowed to use your own domain for branding and tracking.

ClickMeter You’ll be able to try it out and See if you get results in that within that 30 days. And if you do, then of course, you know, you will keep the service and if not, you get your money back, no questions asked. So it’s really nothing to lose. It’s a risk free offer.

7. Ow.ly

Best URL Shortener: Ow.ly

Ow.ly this has actually been incorporated into Hootsuite, which you can sign up for a free account. Once you log into your Hootsuite Dashboard, you can just choose the top bar here and create a link. And just choose shrink. And it’s going to generate a random slug.

You don’t have any options for customization. Some potential options can happen if you click on the Advanced option, and then, and then you can choose the different domains for the Shortener. If you want a custom domain that is available as an add on at $99 per month

The major downside to this is the analytics is kind of a little bit poor, unless you’re using this with the rest of Hootsuite. So if you’re using this to to manage your posts on the different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc, then you can get some detailed stats for each one of those platforms.


Best URL Shortener: BL.INK

BL.INK is one of the Premium URL Shortener, Websites Services on the list. Basically, you have an account and you can manage your links, clicks, analytics, and that whole thing on the back end, they do say that they have a free plan.

But from we experience, it just seems like when you sign up, you only have a trial experience not permanently free. So anyways, to start using BL.INK, you do actually have to create an account you can’t just use the service for free.

9. is.gd

Best URL Shortener: is.gd

Another Good Link Shortener Service is is.gd. is.gd You don’t need to sign up for an account to create free short links and you can even get custom aliases for your links is.gd also provides simple statistics that track clicks on your links for free.

10. Switchy

Best URL Shortener: Switchy

Switchy is a URL Shortener, but it also has a little twist on it that allows you to add in your own Tracking Pixels, whether it’s Facebook, Google, or you can use Google Tag Manager (GTM) Pixels, nice little notification. But it is one of the coolest little tools out there.

Switchy is probably the coolest little URL Shortener not because it Shortens Links, there’s bunch of free Services that do it out there. But you can also add all of your own Tracking Pixels. But the one thing that makes Switchy better than all of the other ones, that’s the user experience, it’s so incredibly easy to use.

If you are thinking about getting a URL Shortener that you can add your own Tracking Pixels, and that’s got an amazing user experience, you’ll be able to get the AppSumo $39 deal for a lifetime of Switchy.

11. ShortURL

Best URL Shortener: ShortURL

ShortURL you can only create regular free short links with random aliases. It has no custom alias option for free short links. There is also no free account option only a premium account. The site’s owner Rebrandly.

12. T2Mio

Best URL Shortener: T2Mio

T2Mio very simple, straightforward URL Shortener service where you can just quickly visit and shorten any URL that you want. you can also sign up and create an account when you create an account. The advantage of your free account is that you have IDs and then you can have a little bit statistics behind them.

13. Bit.do

Best URL Shortener: Bit.do

Bit.do URL Shortener, it’s super duper simple. you are just going to take your URL, take that link to shorten. And you can also customize the vanity link if you want to wherever you want it to be. But we suggest doing that as just you register an account with them. If you want keep track of your links properly.

14. Tiny.cc

Best URL Shortener: Tiny.cc

Tiny.cc is very helpful because again, it’s another URL Shortener to shorten links, you just go to paste in your long URL, there’s your playlist, you can customize the Tiny.cc link as you want.

You can sign up to create an Tiny.cc account where everything will manage itself, and you can manage all your links as needed, and the link redirected as appropriate to the case study page.

15. Sniply

Best URL Shortener: Sniply

Sniply, which is a URL Shortener and content marketing tool. you can actually share a call to action. And that call to action is something more than, retweet , share with your friend, the call to action can be something very specific. And that’s what Sniply allows you to do.

Sniply has an incredibly advanced analytics platform and analytics tool set. So you can see how long people are reading or viewing or staying on the landing page that you’re sharing on your social. So that actually allows you to collect those analytics and those data points without worrying about placing a call to action.

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