8 best mac cleaner

We will talk about the best Mac cleaners today! So I’ll walk you through the best Mac cleaners to optimize your Mac.

best mac cleaner

Disk Clean Pro

best mac cleaner Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro is a popular tool for a complete disk clean-up, without putting your critical data at risk. Memory Optimizer is a feature which enables to free up RAM occupied by other applications.

One-Click Cleaning gives you the liberty to clean your system and boost your system’s performance in a single click. Duplicate Finder allows scanning and removing all the duplicate files present on your Mac

Smart Mac Care

best mac cleaner Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care throws away the unease of manual decluttering and acts as a dedicated optimization tool. It helps you clean out unwanted files instantly and free up your disk space.

Keeps your Mac safe from hidden malware, trojans, adware and spyware. It ensures total clean-up and optimization. Detects and removes junk files that could be eating up storage on your Mac.

Scans for sensitive information stored in internet browsers to enhance privacy. It allows users to easily uninstall, suspicious or unnecessary apps on your Mac.

Scan and delete duplicate copies of files to recover chunks of storage on Mac. Remove start-up apps to improve your Mac’s boot speed.


best mac cleaner DaisyDisk

Next, we have DaisyDisk. This app shows up scanning results in an interesting pie chart. You can easily find an unusually large file, preview the content and delete when not needed.

Scanning various disks doesn’t require much time and is done quite quickly. Optimize existing storage instead of buying a new one makes it cost-effective.

Detox My Mac

best mac cleaner Detox My Mac

detox my Mac so basically what this is is a powerful Mac cleaner, so it gets sort of unwanted files or junk on your computer

so it can be either your Mac or your MacBook Pro so the one thing I love about this program that I didn’t see on any other program like this is that there’s a ton of options that you can choose from

Disk Inventory X

best mac cleaner Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X Another efficient disk cleaning software for Mac, it scans the disk to figure out its usage and shows the results in a treemap format in different colors. Get a summary of your disk usage, both in text and visual manner.

Clean interface and colorful graphical representation stands it apart from the competitors

CleanMyMac X

best mac cleaner Disk Inventory X

CleanMyMac X When you launch CleanMyMac, It scans the disk correctly and comes up with results in different categories like System Junk, iTunes Junk, Trash and more. Increases boot time up to 4 times. Can clear large hidden files. Detects malware and removes them.

MacBooster 7

best mac cleaner MacBooster 7

MacBooster 7 another cleaner app that keeps your Mac machine safe from over 20 types of junk files. It cleans your Mac from all corners and removes junk files to free up more space.

MacBooster 7 keeps your Mac away from potential threats, malware, spyware, adware, and other such attacks. MacBooster 7 quickly locates large and old files and remove them if needed to free up space.

CCleaner for Mac

best mac cleaner CCleaner

CCleaner for Mac CCleaner helps users to analyze their disk usage, protect privacy, and even figures out unwanted files from various drivers. Its free or professional bundle offers different options like scheduled Cleaning, automatic updates, faster computers, etc.

Smart Cleaning to clear junk files from the browser and other places. Comprehensive Registry Cleaner to solve every registry-specific problem.

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