Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume (Complete Guide)

You can find out here, How to increase the Volume of your Bluetooth Devices on your Android mobile, Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume. This works for pretty much most Android variations and models and fantastic for Bluetooth Devices because this is a nice easy way of increasing the volume or getting rid of the Disable Absolute Volume feature in Android.

What is Disable Absolute Volume?

Disables the Bluetooth absolute volume feature in case of volume issues with remote devices such as unacceptably light volume or lack of control. So, basically what that part does is it lowers the Bluetooth output volume. If you’re finding that you’ve got maybe some air pod clones or something like that, or some big headphones and they’re just not as light as do you think they should be. If you click on that, then go back into your device after a restart you should find your Bluetooth device is considerably lighter almost definitely.

How to Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android

How to Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android

  1. Open Settings and Click on About Phone.
  2. Scroll Down you will find your Build Number and Tap it (7 times) It’ll have you confirm your Passcode and Then you’ll receive a message that says, You are now a Developer!
  3. Go back to your Settings and go into System.
  4. Go into Advanced and Click on it.
  5. Go into Developer Options Click on it And then scroll down you find it Default USB Configuration and Turn ON (Toggle ON) to Disable Absolute Volume.

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